Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parks & Recreation

It was a beautiful, warm day and so the girls and I went to the park to enjoy the sunshine. I think most of Georgia was there too- tons of kids and lots of picnics happening today.  The girls had fun playing on the equipment- Rebecca thinks she is as big as her sister. She insists on climbing the highest ladder and going down the biggest slide. Scares me to death, but she loves it.

I love the static electricity action going on with their hair.

So thankful these warm days- can't wait for spring to get here!
We stopped for lunch on the way home and then nap time for Rebecca. Later we played some more outside and had "movie night" tonight.  I think Rebecca ate her weight in popcorn-ha!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun

We have had a busy Friday.  This morning, Rebecca and I went to her Gymboree class. There were only four other kids there today- it was so nice to have a smaller class.  Before we left this morning, Lola was acting sick and when we came home she was worse, so I took her to our vet.

The vet did all sorts of tests and found out Lola has a bad infection in her intestines. So after ALOT of money, Lola is on antibiotics and special food for the next few weeks. Hopefully, she will be feeling better soon.  We love our Lola and I hate seeing her not feeling well.

While, I was picking Lola from the vet, Rachel was having lots of fun at birthday party for her friend, Devi.  The party was at an indoor soccer/baseball/basketball place.  I missed all the games, but Rachel said it was very fun. 

After the party we made it home and Raphael was waiting to take Rachel to Bingo Night at school. Rachel was happy to be going out with her Dad. I hope they have a great time together.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Mama

Lately, Rebecca has been paying a lot more attention to all the dolls and babies we have around the house. Most days she has at least one in her arms, usually with a bottle and maybe a blanket too.

This Aurora doll came from Disney World and has a little flap in the back to access the batteries. Rebecca thinks it is a diaper.  So she is always checking to see if the baby needs changing or not.

Loves her Cabbage Patch doll and 3D glasses.

I love watching her play- she is pretty good at wrapping them in a blanket, giving a bottle and patting them on the back while making that "ssssh" sound -just like a mama does.
It's fun to watch her grow and figure things out on her own. Hard to believe she will be two years old very soon!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

not the best picture-self portrait under bad fluorescent lights!

Yesterday I had a babysitter for Rebecca so that I could run a bunch of errands. Rachel is always asking me to come have lunch with her at school-usually in the morning as she is getting on the bus. So yesterday, I surprised her and came to eat lunch with her.

We had a nice time talking about school and her friends. She pointed her classmates out and told me all about them.  Funny to hear things from a six year old's perspective. In the cafeteria they have an ice cream shoppe and a slushy machine, so of course Rachel "needed' some ice cream.

Then our time was up and I headed back home. We have a busy week ahead-looking forward to some fun times!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feathered Friends

northern cardinal-male

This post is mostly for me. There is something about birds that I just love. Not quite sure what it is, but I could watch them for hours.   If for some reason I couldn't be a human anymore and had to be an animal instead- a bird I would be! We have three bird feeders- one in the front and two in our backyard.
One of the feeders is connected to our deck and right next to a big window. Pretty much every morning, I drink some hot tea and watch the birds fly in and out for their breakfast. I just want to remember all birds that visit us here.

eastern bluebird

bluebird and redbellied woodpecker

Most of these pictures I take through the window and usually I have to sneak up and take a quick picture.
I have my trusty "birds of Georgia" field guide to help me figure out who is who.
We get tons of birds and some I have tried and tried, but just can't get their picture.


a sparrow and chickadee

The little chickadees are fun to watch- they zoom in, take one seed and fly off. Then come back and do it again. They never seem to be concerned about other birds at the feeder or if a cat might be around.



I love the cardinals. They are very cautious birds. They will sit on the fence- looking and waiting for a long time before they fly in and eat. The other day we had about ten of them sitting on the fence-alternating male and female- it looked really pretty.

white breasted nuthatch

tufted titmouse

red-headed woodpecker

house finch and downy woodpecker

hawk- not sure what kind.

This guy visited us a lot last year, but I haven't seen him lately. Maybe all the cold winter weather forced him to move south?

Even the sparrow has found a home,
and the swallow a nest for herself,
where she may have her young--
a place near Your altar,
O Lord Almighty, my King and
my God......
Psalm 84: 3

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Wonderland

The sun is shining today and the temps are supposed to get into the forties and fifties by Sunday, so I think all this beautiful snow and ice will soon be gone.  Rachel is loving every minute of the snow and has taken full advantage of her time to get in lots of sledding and playing in the snow.

a neighbor friend came over to play for awhile


Just a few photos of the icicles I thought were pretty

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

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Arts & Crafts

We are on day four of snow, ice and no school!  We have been keeping busy and trying to stay warm.
Raphael went back into work yesterday- the roads are getting better, but still very icy here in town.
The girls and I have been trying out few art projects.

Rachel working on her alligators

My attempt at origami- a dog and a cat.

We made these cute little button flowers and a bell with pretty paper.
Rachel loves making crafts, especially if it involves glue and google eyes!

We have been doing some puzzles too. I love putting puzzles together. The
other night, Rachel and I started this one and Raphael joined us. About three hours later,
he had finished it!

It feels like we have played with every boardgame, Barbie doll, and Little Pet shop
that we own. We have watched several movies and eaten alot of snacks!

I know I should have Rachel practicing school work, but just don't have it
in me to deal with it all. I have couple more little projects to try- they cancelled school
for tomorrow and then no school on Monday for MLK Jr. Day, so I figure we have
time to get in few more projects.

We have been working on the crafts during Rebecca's nap time or after she is in bed for
the night. So her is a picture of her from the other day. Poor thing is still fighting a
cold and has been kind of fussy!

( she was a MESS- lately she refuses to wear a bib and she found a pen
and drew all over her shirt!)

WE I am really hoping with the temperatures going into the forties the next few days
that all the roads will clear up and we can get back out there!

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