Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Motorscooter

About a month ago, my parents came to visit us and Rebecca was just starting to try to walk. She was taking more steps each day and I knew that before long she would be a full-time walker.  Well, Rebecca is officially now a full-time walker. She is doing pretty well, but is still taking a few tumbles now and then.

So this week, I took her to the mall for her first shoes. We went to Stride Rite and spent a small fortune on two pairs of shoes. Rebecca didn't seem too impressed with the whole measuring her foot and trying on about ten different pairs until we found the right fit (she has some really wide feet and lots of the shoes were too skinny for her).  But she does seem to like her shoes, especially the ones with laces- she figured out pretty quickly how to untie them and play with the laces.

At the store trying out her new shoes

And today she is one year and a month already! We love you Rebecca!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Year Check Up

This morning I took Rebecca in for her one year visit to the pediatrician. She was quite a little trooper and did great with the shots-three of them and getting her blood taken for checking her iron level.  Today she weighed 22lbs and 9oz. and is 28 and half inches tall. The doctor said that everything looks good!



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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Imaginations At Play

Yesterday we took the girls to a fun place for kids. It is a pretend play kind of place. There is a farmers market and grocery store, a vet's office, train station, music tree and a spot just for little kids. Rachel hadn't been there for along time. She had a great time playing and so did Rebecca. She seemed a bit overwhelmed at first, but finally found her favorite spots to play. 
Rachel at the painting station

At the big bathtub with lots of bubbles and tub toys

She loved pushing the grocery cart(or "buggy" as they
call them in the South)

We played for a couple of hours and then went to Mellow Mushroom for the best pizza. And then home for naps! It was a really fun day for us all.

And for something completely different--just wanted to show a project I worked on the past two weeks. Raphael had to go and work at a plant in another state for two weeks! So while he was gone, I decided to "redo" his office/computer room. It is the last room in our house to be painted and it was full of papers and magazines and old bills and everything else. It was lots of work, but fun too. Felt good to get it organized and looking better. Now I just hope we can keep it this way!

Before pictures--so not good!

The after pics

Now isn't that better? Just love what a can of paint, some decorations from TJMaxx, and a lot of elbow grease can do! 


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy Hat Night

We are keeping busy around here this week! On Monday, I was able to spend the day with a dear friend-Kristin. We have known each other since grade school and reconnected a few years ago. She came to Atlanta with her husband for the week. We got together and did some shopping and eating and lots of talking. It was great seeing her again and catching up.  We had our cameras,  but never did take a picture of the two of us!

We have been spending lots of time outside in the yard and enjoying the pretty weather. The pollen is still floating in the air, but alot less than a few weeks ago. So we are venturing outside and trying to burn some of that little girl energy.                                               

Tonight at AWANA the theme was crazy hat night. Rachel had a cute little hat, but at the last minute she switched over to her Minnie Mouse princess hat.

And a few pics of Rebecca too. She loves eating corn and the other night I cooked some corn on the cob. I gave her a piece and she loved it!

She got this adorable little outfit as a birthday gift. I tried to get her picture, but she wasn't cooperating.
She is playing with a bracelet of Rachel's and I just love how she crosses her little feet.

Playgroup here tomorrow morning, so I had better go and clean!
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rocket Fest

Today Rachel and I went to her school for a Rocket Fest. The science teacher encouraged the kids to make a water rocket. Rachel has been talking about going for quite awhile and at first she even wanted to make her own rocket. Then we decided just to go as spectators and it was fun.  We had a babysitter for Rebecca, which was good, because some of the rockets went crazy and zoomed all over the place. Always had to be looking out for a rocket headed your way.

This is a classmate of Rachel's with her rocket. there
were lots of rockets with interesting decorations.

Georgia Bulldogs Rocket! My friend Jill was there and her
son made this one.

This was the cutest chicken!

Rachel watching the action.

After we left school, we went to Scoops for some
really good ice cream.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


                                               A few of my favorite pictures of the girls.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

It is spring break time here in Georgia. The weather has been absolutely perfect! I have been loving the warmer temps and sunny skies. I was getting so tired of all the rain we had this winter. And the flowers and trees are blooming too.

We have been keeping busy. My parents were here to celebrate Rebecca's first bday and then spend time while Rachel was on break from school. Just a few lots pictures to remember all the fun we have had these past few days.        
We went to school and had lunch with Rachel

A trip to Chuck E Cheese was lots of fun

On Friday, Raphael took the day off and we went to Stone Mountain Park.
There are lots of activities,trails to walk and sights to see.

Rachel and my Dad did a rope challenge-obstacle course kind of thing.

We took a train tour of the park and Rebecca fell asleep.
So cute.

Saturday we dyed some Easter eggs.

Rebecca trying out her new swing. She loved it!

Checking out her Easter treats

Rebecca could hardly contain herself- she really wanted to
get into that box of cookies

Me and Rachel in the gazebo. Our first dinner on the deck
for this spring and summer.

We went to Mayfield Dairy and had a little tour. It was fun
to see how they bottle the milk. Of course we stopped at the
ice cream shop and enjoyed an ice cream treat.

Rachel and the big cow at the dairy.

We went to Monkey Joes and Rachel had a great time.
Rebecca kept trying to get into one of the jumps, so I
bought her a ticket and took her to the little kids part.
She loved it and she also chased after this little boy. She
tried to give him a hug and he wasn't having it-ha!

My parents headed back home today. Thanks for the visit  Mom and Dad-- we
miss you already!

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