Friday, November 7, 2014

Photos from my Phone Friday

I can't believe it is November already! Where does the time go??
Rebecca at AWANA  practicing her Bible verses.
It was "wear your pajamas to school day" last week.
I joined an online exercise challenge for the month of November. Hoping to not an extra million
pounds from all the holiday treats and food.
Worst picture, but I took it at 5am while I was running :)
Part of the challenge is to document what type of exercises I do.
I have been running with a group of ladies and we meet at 5am to run.
They are all so nice and running is more fun with friends!
Glory, halleluiah-- soccer is almost over!!
It is starting to get cold and windy here and have to bundle up for the
early morning soccer games.
At the park.
There was no school on Tuesday because of elections, so we went  to the mall
 to see a movie. They were putting together the giant Christmas tree out in the
courtyard area when we walked in. By the time we left, the tree was done.
Our wonderful and brave pest control guy- Mr. Rick
The bunch of yellow jackets decided to move in, so Rick has been here trying
to kill them for us.
I have been doing a Bible study on Hospitality from SheReadsTruth  this month.
So, so good!
We love because He loves us.
We welcome because He welcomes us.
We invite because He invites us.
Saw this magazine cover at the store.
The cutest little chicken ever!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Monday after school, we carved our pumpkins. The girls were much more
interested and helpful in the process this year.
We were talking and decided that Halloween always needs to be on a Friday night- makes it a lot more fun. The girls were excited all day to get ready for trick-or-treating.
                                                               Rachel was a Spanish dancer.
This is the group we started with- Elsa, Daniella, Rachel, Hillary and Rebecca. By the end of the night we ended up with a different group of friends, but it all worked out. We saw A LOT of little girls dressed up like Elsa from Frozen.
 The big scary house in the neighborhood.
 This year the girls checked the decorations a lot more closely.
    Lola in her costume.
      Sorting and counting and eating ;)
          Happy Halloween from ladybug girl !!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Festival Fun

There is no shortage of pumpkin patches and fall festivals around here this time of year, and we have been to a few of them lately. The girls love them and always have fun.
All together!
We stopped by a local church for awhile- lots of games and candy.
 Rebecca and the Chick-fil-A cow.
We spent some time at our neighborhood's party.
This rabbit was crazy fluffy- it was a little scary.
Rebecca joined in on the dance contest. It is fun to watch her growing up and
being able to participate with the older kids.
And I took the girls to a little festival patch place near our house one
day after school.
A fun time of year.
The girls are getting excited for trick-or-treating!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

#tbt --- At the Pumpkin Patch

I thought it would be fun to do a #tbt (throw back Thursday) and go back to the first time I took Rebecca to a pumpkin patch.

                                                               Rachel- 5 years old
                                                               Rebecca- almost 7 months old
                                              We went to the same pumpkin patch on Monday.
            They were selling "swan gourds". I had never seen these before, strange but pretty too.
                    Thankful for this sweet little church for hosting a pumpkin patch each October.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jaemor Farms

Saturday we drove to Alto Georgia to visit Jaemor Farms. The farm grows all sorts of crops, especially peaches, strawberries and pumpkins. In the fall, they have a huge fall festival going on , so we took the girls to check it out.
                                           We started with the petting zoo and duck races.
We tried our best to make it through the gigantic corn maze.
The girls and I were tired and hungry, so we took a short cut out and went for lunch.
We took a hayride on a truck around the farm and then  the girls rode
on the pumpkin train.
There is a huge farmer's market full of foods and sweet treats to buy.
We tried homemade peach ice cream and fried apple pies.
Fun day at the farm!