Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Market

On Monday everyone was home because it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I had been reading about a new shopping and eating place in Midtown, so we took a trip to check it out.
The Ponce City Market used to be a Sears Roebuck store. They fixed up and turned into a unique place to go.  It was a busy place and lots to see. We wandered all around and checked all the different places out.
We ate lunch from a burger place and then the guys had coffee.
The day was windy and cold, so we bundled up and braved the weather to go outside.
We followed the path to the Beltline.
picture is from Google

It was a fun afternoon out and a very interesting place. We definitely want to go back in the spring and summer when the weather will allow us to explore a little more.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Southern Snow Day

The weatherman had been forecasting a chance of snow for our area this weekend.  Thursday and Friday it was all rain, but finally Friday evening, a few snow flakes appeared.
                                 The girls went out for a few minutes to run around and play.
Rebecca went to bed excited for more snow in the morning and woke me up before seven. She was ready to get outside.  I made her wait until nine, and then I bundled her up and sent her out.
Sadly it didn't snow much over night, so there wasn't a lot to play with, but they had fun anyways.
                                                                      Snow Angels
               Neighbor friends came over to play and then all these girls came inside for a playdate.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Photos From My Phone Friday

Happy January!! This was the first full week of school for the girls since they went back after Christmas vacation and it felt like a long week.  All of our usual activities are back on schedule and I seem to being having a hard time adjusting.

We did celebrate New Year's Eve and the girls both stayed up until midnight.  We played games and ate lots of snacks and it was fun.
At midnight we went outside and banged on pots and pans. I am sure our neighbors with the baby loved us :)
                                                Lots of play  dates and friends over to visit .
We ventured to the library and Rachel finally got her own library card! The girl is a book worm and she was pretty excited... she can check out 75 books at a time!
                                                                    LaLaLoopsy Love
We all went ice skating one afternoon and this was the only picture I took. Rebecca is getting better at skating each time she goes, but thankful for the skate-mate to help her out.
Last weekend, Raphael and I went to Chateau Elan for a cooking class. There were three other couples and we all had our own little cooking station.  It was interesting and our chef, Michael, was super nice and very patient.
We got to keep the lovely hats and aprons. The menu was mussels. duck, and cheesecake. I had never eaten mussels or duck before, but it was good.
                                  It was a lot of fun and we would try it again in the future.

And that's about it. Monday is MLK Jr. day, so everyone has the day off and looking forward to sleeping in !

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 In Pictures

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2015! Where does the time go??  I like to do a review each year to remember what we did and where we went.  I seem to put most pictures on Instagram, so I copied them below..............................
                                                         ** JANUARY and FEBRUARY**
                                    Snow Mountain, Valentines Day, Freezing Rain, Half Marathons

Rebecca's Birthday, Easter, Spring Break, Disney World

** MAY**
Strawberry Picking, Soccer, 5th Grade Parties, Mother's Day
Field Days and 5th Grade Graduation

Rachel's Birthday, Tree Top Quest
Summer Vacation, 5K Races, Swimming
Father's Day, Gardening, Stone Mountain

** JULY**
Pedicures, Park Days, First Lost Tooth, At the Pool
4th Of July, Peachtree Road Race, Abuela Visits, The Beach
Back to School, Straight Hair, World of Coca Cola
The High Museum of Art,  Our Anniversary, Top Golf, Six Flags, Tennis, Bingo night!
My Parents Settle Into Life in Georgia, Raphael's Birthday, Lola
Washington Farms

Thanksgiving, Abuela Visits, Stone Mountain Christmas

Christmas !!
Amazing to see how much we did in a year. Thankful for all our family and friends and looking
forward to 2016!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Vacation 2015

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and it was extra special because we got to celebrate with
my parents. Last time we were all together for Christmas, we only had Rachel !  We went to Christmas Eve church and then to my parents for dinner and opening some gifts.

We kept track of Santa's location and the girls left cookies and milk for him. Rebecca and I also left out a little cheese, for Santa Mouse :)
                                             Christmas morning, the calm before the storm!
                          My parents came over for lunch and there was a little more gift opening.
We ate a lot of good food, had friends come over to join us, played games, took naps and watched movies. It was a good day!
                                           Figuring out all the new and exciting toys.
 More friends, playdates, food and games. We have been trying to take it slow and enjoy the time off from school.
                                                          Another visit to the doctor.
We spent the afternoon visiting the High Museum of Art in Midtown.  Right now they have exhibits about the Habsburgs dynasty from Austria and a fashion exhibit with some very interesting outfits.