Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Weekend, Continued........

                        Our second day started at Animal Kingdom and gotta love the Tree of Life. We have been to the park a few times, but this time we finally got up close to the tree and took a good look.
                                               Amazing to see all the animals carved into it.
Our first ride of the day was Everest Expedition Roller coaster in the country of Asia.
I did alright, until the coaster stops, in the dark, and then they make the cars go backwards.
Are you kidding me?!  I was a little sea sick after that ride.
                                    We went to Africa and rode on the Safari trucks.
Then we went to Dino Land and Raphael and the girls rode another
rollercoaster kind of ride.

This is how we were all feeling. We left in the afternoon and went home to rest
because we were going to Disney Springs at night to meet up with Adan and Jeanny.
Disney Springs. We ate at the Splitsville Restaurant. And then
walked over to see Cirque de Soleil.
The show was amazing!
I stole this from Jeanny's Facebook page.
A fun night and a good way to end the trip.
Rebecca was worried the Easter bunny wouldn't find us in Florida,
but he did :).
A few pictures before church. We went to a nice church in Celebration FL. And then went to pick
up Amy and drive back home.
On the way home we stopped to eat lunch and there was a guy riding his horse
in the parking lot! I had to take a picture.
We had a great time in Florida, but there in no place like home !!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our Easter Weekend 2017

We spent Easter this year in Orlando. Raphael's brother was in Florida visiting friends, so we
drove down on Friday for a few days to see them.
When we go to Florida, we stop at Chick-fil-A in Cordele, GA.
Exit 101. Each time we go there I have seen a rocket/missile next to the
store, so I wander over an took a look.
It is a Titan I Missile from the Air Force.
98 feet tall.
Instead of a hotel, we rented a condo for the weekend from Airbnb.
So easy, affordable and everyone had their own room!!
Disney World!!
Main Street to Cinderella's Castle.
We didn't tell Rebecca, but we were going to the Castle to have breakfast
with all the princesses. We took Rachel years ago ( when I was pregnant with Becca),
so now it was Rebecca's turn.
Chatting with Cinderella.\
The dining room, It was a busy place.
All the princesses come to each table. They sign autographs,
take a picture, make chit chat and then on the next table.
After breakfast we headed out to ride the rides.
We did the "classics"... Haunted Mansion, Teacups, Small World.
I love the Teacups!
We stood in line a long time in order to ride Thunder Mountain. I don't love
roller coasters, but I survived. And it is fun that we can all ride together.
Dole Whip!!
We went to see the Tikki Room Show and then
had to get a Dole Whip.
We watched a parade and saw Mickey and Minnie.
We stayed for the fireworks show and saw the castle all lit up.
We had a great first day and headed home to sleep and get
ready for the next day at the Animal Kingdom.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Road Trip!

(from Pinterest)

We are in Florida for a few days!!
Back soon with pictures from our trip.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break 2017

This year for Spring break we did the "staycation". We have a couple of other trips this month, so it was best we stayed close to home. I did miss going somewhere warm and sunny..... we had a lot of rainy days.

We managed to see three movies.
Power Rangers, Boss Baby and The Smurfs.
I took the girls to see one movie at the Movie Tavern since they had never
been there before. It is kind of fun to eat lunch and watch a movie.

We went to a garden center and looked at the fish and then went
to a nearby park to enjoy the sunny day.

We took the girls to see their first rodeo. We met up with my parents because
the rodeo was sponsored by UGA.  We had a little trouble with parking and ended
up walking about a mile to get to the rodeo.... Rachel was thrilled !

I didn't even try to take pictures. The horses and bulls move way too fast. I think overall the girls
enjoyed it. I hadn't been to a rodeo in a long time. It was something new for us to do.
We went to the library and met up with a friend to go roller skating.
Rebecca is getting better at skating!
We also did normal stuff,  like go to the dentist.

An area in downtown Duluth opened up some new little shops, so the
girls and I went for a look. I had never been there before, but always heard
good things. We need to go back in the summer time.

We had mini donuts, played at the park, went to the chocolate shop, pizza for lunch and
just explored the area.
I thought this was pretty cool to see.
There was some serious weather in the South. Lots of tornado watches
 and alerts and a ton of rain. Red on the map is not good!
I went running for a couple of miles.
And they ended the week with water guns and sprinklers.
We had a nice relaxing spring break. The girls only
have 30 days left of school!!! I can't believe how quickly the time
goes by. The last month of school is always busy, so I am gearing up!