Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet and Greet

Today Rebecca and I went to meet her preschool teachers! She will be starting preschool next week and I hope she likes it.  Her teachers seem really nice and oraganized.  I think it will be a good year for Becca.

She wasn't in the mood for having her picture taken (or as they say in the South "have your picture made) so this was the best shot I was able to get.  She did find the bucket with lollipops and tried to take a handful of them home with her.


In other new around the house- Lola celebrated another birthday yesterday! She is ten years old now and has quite a few gray hairs. We went to Sonic and got her a hamburger to celebrate the big day.

And since our trip to the beach in July, Rebecca has not been interested in sitting in her booster seat at the table anymore. Guess she is growing up!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Puggle and a Spark

Rachel has been going to AWANA since she was three and this year Rebecca is old enough to go. She is in the Puggles group. We are still trying to figure out what exactly a puggle is? Rachel is a Spark again this year, but has no interest in wearing the shirt or vest for her group.

Rebecca loves her shirt. She has been wearing it over her other clothes this past week.

And some other random pics of Rebecca the past few days.

Wearing two sets of Dora pajamas over her regular clothes.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Photos

Rebecca and I have been staying busy around the house today. This morning I cleaned out her closet while she was busy playing. Lately, Rebecca is playing more by herself and I love listening to the conversations she has with her dolls and toys.

Rebecca is talking a mile-a-minute these days. A few days ago, Rachel was talking back to me and I told her "don't be sassy".  Later Rachel and Rebecca were playing and I guess Rachel did something that Rebecca didn't like and she told Rachel "don't be sassy!"  It made me laugh and Rachel thought it was funny too.

I can't believe Rebecca is growing up so fast and that Rachel was ever this little!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dave & Buster's

I have been planning for Rachel, Raphael, and I to go on a canoe trip at a local park, but due to weather and scheduling issues the event keeps getting cancelled. This past Saturday I had already scheduled a babysitter for Rebecca, so Raphael and I took Rachel to Dave & Busters for some fun.

The sign pretty much sums up what we did- Rachel loves playing all the different games.

There is a bowling alley at D & B's, so we bowled a few frames.

I think I was the worst bowler there. I told Raphael that I should have taken bowling classes that they offered in college. We had a great time and Rachel is asking when we can back.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trains and Tractors

Rebecca and I went with our MOMS club to a train museum today. They were having a special event for preschoolers to learn about trains and tractors. It is still really hot here and taking an active two year old anywhere is a challenge, but I think Rebecca had a fun morning.

We went on a hay ride and were able to walk through and see many of the old trains and tractors.

The kids all did an arts & crafts project. Rebecca went a little crazy with the glue sticks!

Checking out the tractors.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Build- A- Bear

Rachel is a lover of stuffed animals and has been asking to go to Build-A-Bear at the mall for awhile now. So, Monday after school I took the girls and we are now the owners of two more stuffed animals!

Rachel brushing and fluffing her dog- which she named Vanessa.
Of course, Rebecca wanted an animal too. I went with a little tiny dog for her.

After Build-A-Bear we went for dinner and ice cream to celebrate the first day of school.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Second Grade

Today was Rachel's first day of second grade! She was excited to get to school and see her friends.
We met her teacher last week and she seems really nice.

A few of the other friends at the bus stop. I think we have ten kids at the stop this year. There were only two girls last year, but this year a few more girls! And one the new girls is in Rachel's class, so they were fast friends.

Rebecca was excited to be at the bus stop. She was up VERY early this morning and has been having some sleeping issues the past few nights. I am praying she sleeps better tonight. She did miss having Rachel around today. Rebecca kept asking me where Rachel was.

I still can't believe Rachel is in second grade already. Hope it will be a good year.
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