Thursday, September 30, 2010

A year and a half

    Today Rebecca is 18 months old!

She continues to be busy and loves exploring around the house.  She figured out a while ago how to open the door and the other day she opened the door to the basement and went downstairs all by herself! She was quite proud.

Rebecca has nine teeth right now and four more trying to make an appearance. She still loves to eat, but is starting to get a little more selective in her food choices.

She is talking a little more each day. Right now Rebecca can say:
Mama, Dada, more, night-night, Lola, no, cheese, book, shoes, papa, nana, eat, done, baby, Dora and I am sure there are more words that I can't remember right now. I love hearing her little voice.

 She is slightly obessed with wearing shoes- at all times. Throughout the day, she brings me different shoes for me to put on her. And she loves wearing Rachel's dress up shoes.

Rebecca loves going for walks, chasing Lola around and trying to give her a kiss, "coloring", play-doh, reading books and taking naps.

Love you baby girl!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday Rachel went to a birthday party at a nearby farm.  They had lots for the kids to do and kept them running around and busy for a few hours.  All the kids were able to have a quick horse back ride.

They went on a hayride down to an area with lots of animals to pet and feed.

some cute chickens

Rachel fell in love with this baby donkey and followed him around for quite awhile.

The kids were given a chance to milk a goat. I felt sorry for this little fellow.

I never did get a picture of Rachel with the birthday girl- oops.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Fair

We took the girls to the county fair on Saturday evening. Last time we went to the fair, was right after we had moved to Georgia and Rachel was barely two years old.  Crazy how the time has gone by so fast.

We ate lots of overpriced fair food and then Raphael and Rachel went on some rides.

This was a big and rickety roller coaster. I  was saying lots of prayers while they were on this thing. Rachel loved it!

I spent most of the time pushing Rebecca around and people watching.

When we did let Rebecca out of the stroller, she ran around like a crazy little girl. Raphael did a great job at keeping up with her.

Rachel driving on the water bumper-boats. Looked like a fun ride to me- nice and cool. It is still ninety degrees here. I guess it is the never-ending summer.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

B-I-N-G-O !

Tonight was Bingo night at Rachel's school. They have it a couple of times each year and raise a lot of money for the school.   Rachel was very anxious to get there and was so excited to see her BFF was there too!
Rachel and Sydney

There was some tough competition - lots of people were playing three or four cards at a time. They played all sorts of different games and finally I won!

I let Rachel pick a prize and of course she went for the stuffed animal with accessories. She was so happy and after that she pretty much gave up on playing and chatted with her friends instead. It was lots of fun and glad we could go and spend time together.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Botanical Gardens

This past weekend we took the girls to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. They are part of Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta, and really beautiful.  We had never been before and thought it would be nice to get out and see something new.  The weather here is still sunny and warm, so by the end we were all a bit tired out, but we had a good day.

Last year they built this walkway through the trees- it is pretty neat

Raphael and Rebecca strolling along. She walked almost the entire time we were there. Sometimes I think we should just leave the stroller in the car!

Entrance to the children's garden

 A pond with "lily pads" made out of glass- amazing.

The gardens are beautiful. I think we might go back closer to Christmas time and see what it looks like in the winter time.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Captain Kangaroo

We were so excited to have Raphael home from Australia this weekend! The girls and I went to the airport to pick him up and Rachel wanted to know right away if her daddy had brought home presents for her.  Rachel's love languages #1 Time and #2 Gifts- and if they are from her daddy, then even better.

 Of course, Raphael bought lots of gifts for his girls and I think maybe every stuffed animal kangaroo and koala bear they had-ha!  Rachel LOVES stuffed animals and she was so happy with her presents.

With her new friends and a wambat on her shoulder

I love the Koalas- so cute and cuddly

Each of the girls got a backpack- this was the best shot I could get of Rebecca with hers.


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