Sunday, February 27, 2011

Barnum & Bailey

Yesterday afternoon, we took Rachel to see the circus.  We had fun and saw some amazing acts.  The show was a little bit long and Rachel was getting bored towards the end- guess we won't be going back next year!

The highwire act was really good.

Hat that came with the VERY expensive cotton candy!

We have had a good weekend- beautiful weather today. The girls and I spent lots of time in the yard playing with the neighbor kids.  Looking forward to a busy week.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Station 18

Yesterday Rachel and I went to visit Fire Station #18 with my MOMS club.  It is a shiny new fire station and we had a chance to tour around and check out the trucks and learn a little about what the fire fighters do.

Checking out the ladder truck. Can't remember how high it reaches, but pretty high. Rachel told me she was happy to see a "lady fireman". They were very nice and did a great job at explaining all the equipment.

A future fire fighter ??
 Probably not. Rachel spent more time wondering why there wasn't a dalmatian dog to ride on the truck and 
whose job it was to wash and clean the trucks.

We had a good time on the tour-- and big thanks to Raphael for keeping Rebecca at home! And to our fire fighters!

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Thirty Eight

Today I celebrated my 38th birthday!
I had a good day. Rebecca and I went to her playgroup and she fun with her little friends. A friend dropped off a card for me and the Girl Scout cookies I had ordered. I managed to eat quite few Thin Mints!
After school, Rachel and I visited the fire station with my MOMS club.

I got lots of calls from family and friends and great gifts from Raphael and the girls. We ordered Olive Garden for dinner and then cake & ice cream time.

Hard to believe another year has gone by!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chalk and Bubbles

This Saturday was a beautiful and warm day.  We were outside most of the day enjoying the sunshine. We broke out the sidewalk chalk and  bubble supplies. 

It was Rebecca's first experience with chalk & several of the neighbor kids came over to play.

Rebecca spent most of her time playing with the bubbles.

She insisted on wearing her Dora helmet and Cinderella elbow & knee pads for most of the day.

We had a good weekend and loved every minute of the warm weather.  Crossing my fingers that spring is on the way!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Less is More

A few days ago, I finally got around to organizing all of Rebecca's hair bows. For the past two years they have been clipped to a a ribbon that was tied onto a plastic hanger and stuck inside her shoe rack.  Very classy! I remembered a bulletin board that I bought for Rachel's room when we were living in Washington, but never used.  I put all the bows on it and now all the bows seem much happier.

Rebecca was playing in her room while I worked on the bows.  She kept asking me to put more bows in her hair.  I thought it was kind of funny so took a picture.

We have had beautiful weather this week and it should stay through the weekend.  Hope to get some yard work done and maybe take down our Christmas lights :) .  Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If I had a hammer...

Last Saturday, Rachel and I went to Lowe's Hardware store for the kid's day.  Several times in the month, kids can come and learn how to build different projects.  Rachel had never been and I thought she might like it.  And best of all it is FREE!!

Each child gets an apron and safety goggles and then a little badge when they complete the project.
This week they made a heart shaped music box.  It turned out really cute and Rachel did great at reading the directions and hammering away.

The finished project! 
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Monday, February 14, 2011


This morning the girls woke up to find a big bag of Valentine gifts from their Nana & Papa.  Both of the girls got these monkeys and love them.

 I thought the monkey pjs were cute.

Today at school Rachel's class is having a valentine exchange and each student needed to decorate a box.
Yesterday after church we all worked on it and turned out pretty good.  Rachel can't wait to get her hands on all the candy!

This morning I tried for a long time to get Rebecca's picture in her cute valentine outfit, but no cooperation. So these are the best I could get!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Party and Church Animals

Friday after school, we went to a local icecream shop for a Valentine's party. Rebecca insisted on sitting in a chair and feeding herself the icecream.  She did pretty good and was quite proud of herself.  We were in the party room and there is a huge table filled with gumballs-pretty neat idea.

The older kids had several valentine craft projects to work on.

Rachel and Gigi

At church today our pastor started a new series and he started at the beginning when God created the earth and all the animals on it. So they decided to bring in a bunch of animals for the kids to look at.  We usually get to church right.on.time. or maybe even a few minutes late, but today we left early so Rachel had plenty of time to see all the animals.

The most patient camel ever!  Sooooo many little hands petting him and he slept through it all.

Mr. Porcupine

There were frogs,birds, snakes, alligators, and a lot more. Rachel got to see a a baby kangaroo up close.
All the kids loved it and great way to see God's creatures.

We had a good weekend and finally some warm weather!!
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Lady

Today I had some of my MOMS club friends over with their kids.  It was a very busy few hours!  There were several boys Rebecca's age and I love watching them and seeing how very different they are from little girls.  The boys climbed on everything.  I saw one jump from the coffee table to the couch!  So after everyone left, Rebecca decided to try out some the of the tricks her friends were doing.

She climbed on and jumped off this table at least twenty times.

Later on I found her playing with her baby dolls behind the curtains.

And a picture from this morning- it started snowing AGAIN last night. But thankfully, it was not too much and very wet, so more like rain. The roads were clear and everyone went to school!!!

The girls are in bed and Raphael should be home soon from his trip!  I am off to watch some Thursday night T.V. !
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