Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Party and Church Animals

Friday after school, we went to a local icecream shop for a Valentine's party. Rebecca insisted on sitting in a chair and feeding herself the icecream.  She did pretty good and was quite proud of herself.  We were in the party room and there is a huge table filled with gumballs-pretty neat idea.

The older kids had several valentine craft projects to work on.

Rachel and Gigi

At church today our pastor started a new series and he started at the beginning when God created the earth and all the animals on it. So they decided to bring in a bunch of animals for the kids to look at.  We usually get to church right.on.time. or maybe even a few minutes late, but today we left early so Rachel had plenty of time to see all the animals.

The most patient camel ever!  Sooooo many little hands petting him and he slept through it all.

Mr. Porcupine

There were frogs,birds, snakes, alligators, and a lot more. Rachel got to see a a baby kangaroo up close.
All the kids loved it and great way to see God's creatures.

We had a good weekend and finally some warm weather!!
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