Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Photos

So thankful that it is finally Friday! Today was Rebecca's playgroup and we haven't been able to go for awhile. We decided to meet for lunch at the local airport- they have a restaurant and you can sit outside and watch the planes. Of course, the area is all fenced in so the kiddos can't get into trouble.

Rebecca waving at the planes. I am pretty sure that she is the loudest one in her playgroup and we have several boys. She out shouts and talks them all.

         And today Rebecca is two and half years old! I can't believe she is growing up so fast.

Last night Rachel's school had a fundraiser at Sonic. And we love Sonic! I had planned to eat at the outdoor area, but it was full, so we came home and had a picnic instead. Rachel and Rebecca thought it was fun. Then the neighborhood kids showed up and they played for awhile.

Rachel has been asking to walk home from the bus stop by herself pretty much since school started. I figured she would do fine and a bunch of other kids all walk the same street so she isn't alone. Yesterday, she came home crying. Not sure how she managed to do it, but she fell and scraped up both of her arms. As you can see, there are a few Band-aids and she was upset for quite awhile. I always walk with her to the bus stop in the mornings and she asked me if I would come and get her this afternoon. Poor thing.

And that is about it. Hoping to have a good weekend.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

We have had some beautiful fall days lately and we decided to take the girls to the park after church.  Several of my friends have told me about a certain park, so we went and checked it out.

The park  has historical buildings and examples of life in the old days- even a covered bridge. It is a big park and was full of  people there having picnics and playing in the waterfalls.

We spent about an hour there and then Rebecca made it clear it was time to go home. She didn't have a nap and was having a bit of a melt down. We had a nice Sunday afternoon together.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Party Weekend

We have had a fun and party filled weekend. Between the two girls we had three birthday parites to go to.  Our first party was one of Rachel's friend-Priya. Rachel and Priya have been friends since they were three years old and they go to school together.

the birthday girl opening all her gifts. The party was at a park with lots of playing soccer, running around and splashing in the water.

The next party was for Rebecca's friend- Isabella. She turned two years old and is the cutest and sweetest little girl. The party was outside and the  weather was perfect!

She had on the cutest birthday dress that her mom made for her. Inspired me to get my sewing machine out and figure out how to sew.

The goody bags from Isabella's party had lollipops and Rebecca was
 really excited to have some candy.

The last party was for a friend from playgroup and at the mall.
It was at Gymboree and Rebecca had so much fun.

Anytime we are at the mall, Rebecca asks to eat chicken- which means she wants to go to Chic-fil-A. She also wanted ice cream and to ride the carousel.  Usually she is nervous about the carousel, but she picked the horse she wanted and climbed right up.

After the parties we came home and played in the backyard. We have perfect fall weather and we are trying to spend as much time outside as possible before the colder weather arrives.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'All

According to the calendar, today it is officially fall.  I am kind of sad to see the end of summer, but looking forward to some cooler weather.  At preschool, Rebecca's class has been going outside and collecting leaves, rocks, and whatever else two year olds find along the way. So this morning, Rebecca asked to go for a walk and look for leaves.

She found some leaves and was pretending to plant them in the grass- just like Isa the Iguana does on the Dora show.  We did manage to find pretty yellow flowers/weeds.

Last night we were brave and decided to take the girls out for pizza.  We went to our favorite place, Mellow Mushroom.  While we were waiting for the pizza, Rebecca and I went for a walk and checked out the water fountains.

After dinner we went to a cupcake shoppe for dessert.

Happy Friday!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011


This summer Rachel and I went to Lake Lanier almost every week. On the way home we always drove past a big field planted with corn. There was a sign saying it would be a corn maze by fall and Rachel talked about wanting to go.  The weather today was perfect fall weather, so we decided to go and check it out.

There was the corn maze, a big box full of corn kernels to play in, a hayride and pony rides too.

The maze had six check-in stations. We only made it to four of them.
  By then the girls were hot, tired and hungry.

I was expecting a big crowd, but there were only a few families there. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. The girls loved playing in the corn box and we all had a fun afternoon out.

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A List

So happy it is the weekend!

It felt like such a busy week, but when I look back it doesn't seem like we did anything too exciting.
Here's a little bit of what we have been up to:

1.  I spent several days switching out summer clothes for fall/winter clothes. All of sudden the weather has gotten alot cooler and I think the time for swimsuits and sundresses is over.

2. Wednesday night was Parent Night at AWANA. I am soooo thankful for the leaders and teachers that help out with AWANA each week. It is so not for me- all the busy seven year olds wear me out quick.

Saying her Bible verses for the week and then we went to game time.

3.  Rebecca has been doing so well at preschool and her teachers say she is the sweetest thing. But this week she was crying in the carpool line- broke my heart. She dried her tears and jumped out of the car with a smile, so hopefully it was just a one time event.

4. Rachel is growing up way too fast. Yesterday after school one of Rachel's friends called to talk to her. I don't remember talking on the phone until at least the sixth grade. The conversation was pretty entertaining- seven year olds don't have much to talk about. They mostly talked about Bingo night at school.

5. We went to Bingo night at Rachel's school last night. Raphael got stuck working late, so we had to take Rebecca with us. I was nervous about how she would be behave, but she did great! And had fun too.

6. Our big camera is broken. Whatever holds the memory card inside the camera isn't working, so we sent the camera off the the repair shop. Hopefully they can fix it for not too much money. I love our camera and miss having it around already.

7.. Rebecca is making me laugh with her funny sayings and two year old busyness. This week she is obessed with reading books and writing her name. She usually has a book in one hand and a paper and crayon in  the other. If I ask her to do something she will say " I'm busy Mom" . Heaven help me!

8. And finally- my blog got a little makeover this week. It had been almost a year with the old deisgn, so I decided it was time for a change.  Jennisa at Once Upon A Blog Desgin Shoppe did a great job and I am happy with the new look. You can find her at

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dragon Dash

Today at Rachel's school the kids all participated in a fundraiser. Everyone went outside and ran around a track and earned money for each lap they completed.  Rachel was not too thrilled about the idea, but I told her she could walk if she wanted. I didn't tell Rachel, but I volunteered to help. She was really surprised to see me there.

I was one of the many moms there. We stood in a big line and made a mark on each child's shirt for every lap they ran. The most laps they could do was twenty five and most kids did all twenty five. It was a bit chaotic trying to mark each shirt, but we got it done. I helped with kindergarten through second grade and my arm was tired by the time it was over- I am a wimp!

Waiting for the kids to run by!

After the kids finished the laps they were able to play hula hoops and jump rope and take a water break. I stayed and had lunch with Rachel and headed hoome for nap-ha!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Over the long weekend we drove to Atlanta and took the girls to Fernbank Museum. A few months ago they opened a new exhibit- Nature Quest. I have been wanting to take the girls, but knew it would be super busy and since Rebecca still just takes off running that Raphael and I both needed to go.

There are huge trees with bridges, ladders, and lookouts. The exhibit is lots of hands on activites for the kids and teaches them about animals and plants in Georgia.

It was really busy and hard to get pictures of the girls. Rachel and I loved the clock and the attention to details is amazing.

( Dad- remember the woodpecker the neighbors had in their backyard tree?)

They also have exhibits about the five senses and we spent some time blowing bubbles.

And we ended with a look at the dinosaurs.

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