Tuesday, January 24, 2017


On Sunday after church we drove into Atlanta to go see the Falcons play football.
They were playing against the Greenbay Packers and the winning team goes to the

The streets were full of people and surprisingly, a lot of Packers fans.
By the time the game started there were no empty seats.
The Falcons started strong and lead the game the entire time.

It was so loud and we stood for the entire game.
We had some very enthusiastic fans in front of us!
We had fun and glad we were able to attend the last football game at
the Georgia Dome. The Falcons won!! And they are going to the Superbowl!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our Long Weekend

Everyone had a three day weekend because of MLK Jr. Day and we took full advantage of it!

The girls had their monthly weekend at Nana and Papa's house, but before they took off, we snuck in a few activities.
I took Rachel to find glasses. It went pretty well considering all the choices.
She seems fairly excited and upbeat about them. I hope it stays that way!
Rebecca and I did some Tinker Toy building.
Saturday night, we went to Ponce City Market for dinner and I wanted to
check out the new Skyline Park, that is on top of the Market building.
The Skyline Park was a lot of fun. We played mini golf, but there are other
games to play, a beer garden and great views of the city. It was a warm night,
so made it even better.
After Ponce City Market, we stopped by Centennial Olympic Park to see
 the Chinese Lantern Festival. I had been wanting to go since December and
we just never had time or the weather was bad. We finally made it and on the
last night!
So many beautiful displays. I couldn't stop taking pictures and the photos
never do it justice.

Not part of the Festival, but the Ferris Wheel was lit up in black and red.
The Falcons had a game earlier and won! The team is one win away from
going to the Superbowl!!
Yesterday, we went to Athens to meet my parents at UGA.
We watched the girls gymnastics team and then went for dinner.
A great weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life Lately

Everyone is back to normal around here. We are just trying to remember what it feels like to go to school and work and tennis practice.  A few photos of life that past few days......................

We went to our neighbor's house for New Year's Eve. It was a fun
night and we all stayed awake until midnight!

We went bowling and play acarade games with friends and Abuela.
We met with my parents in Athens and went to a boys' basketball game.
We played South Carolina and it was close game, but we lost.
I do love college basketball!!
It was Abuela's last night with us.

Rachel has her eyes checked out. She is in the slightest need of glasses,
so we plan to shop for glasses this week.
Because only in the South can you find chicken feet at the grocery store :)
The weatherman predicted a chance of snow and this is what we got.
We were disappointed, but maybe more it to come?
Rebecca and I went to check it all out.
Rebecca and her dolls.
I found this treasure on my table :).

And that is it for now!

Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 According to Instagram

Happy New Year!! Hard to believe that it is 2017 already! We had a great Christmas and a fun New Year's Eve.  Each year I like to look back at pictures and see what we did and where we went. I take most pictures with my phone and post quite a bit to Instagram, so I decided to use IG to document our year.

                                                              January and February

                                              * it snowed!
                                              * visited the Biltmore
                                              * Valentine's Day
                                              * my birthday !

March and April

* we went to Savannah
*Rebecca's 7th birthday!
*Easter weekend
*spring break cruise
Dad's 70th birthday!!

May and June

* Mother's Day and Mom's birthday
* spring soccer
*Memorial Day weekend in Nashville
* School ended and summer started!
*Amy moved to Georgia
*Rachel's 12th birthday!!
* Father's Day weekend

July and August

* 4th of July
* Rachel went to Winshape camp
* trip to Florida!!
*back to school

September and October

* Labor Day weekend in North Georgia
* the Georgia fair
*our first SEC football game #wareagle
*Raphael's birthday!!
*girl's trip to Chattanooga
* Halloween

November and December

* Tia Jeanny came to visit
*Thanksgiving weekend
* trip to Tampa
* Amy's 20th birthday!
* The Nutcracker ballet with Nana
* Abuela came to visit for Christmas
* Christmas

Always fun to look back and remember. We certainly had our
ups and downs, but so  thankful for all the good times.

Looking forward to 2017!