Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Yesterday was Rebecca's sixth birthday!!
We celebrated with her friends on Saturday and she was super excited for her
birthday party. This year we went to the Painted Penguin Pottery Place.
Each of the girls got to pick out a little statue and then spend time painting it.
Rebecca chose a heart shaped box to keep her "treasures" in.
Brianna, Sienna and Rebecca
They are all in the same kindergarten class and Rebecca was thrilled to
have them there. We had ten girls total, but I never took a group picture.
Blowing out the candles on her cookie cake :)
Afterwards, we went to out to dinner to celebrate some more.
 Yesterday I went to school and ate lunch with her and then we passed out cookies
to her classmates to celebrate.
Rachel took this picture of us after school. Can't believe she is six!
Time for cake and ice cream!!
We are thankful for our sweet Rebecca and pray her sixth year will
be a blessed one.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life Lately

We haven't been up to anything too exciting around here, just the normal everyday kind of stuff.
The girls have been keeping busy with their activities. Last Sunday, Rebecca's church choir group had their spring show...Kids Under Construction.
Rachel's fifth grade year is starting to come to an end. This week all the fifth graders spent a day at
the middle school. Rachel was excited and nervous. She thought the middle school was overwhelming, but I told her that she will figure it all out.
And Rachel was chosen to be part of the "safety patrol" at school.
Not exactly sure what that all entails, but she thinks it is great. She doesn't want
me coming to school to take her picture, so I snapped this one early before school.
I have been waking up early to work out at the gym. And I guess, it is too early
because the other morning I wore two different shoes to the gym.
Work continues on our basement! This week they are installing trim and doors.
And our bathroom is getting closer to being finished.
All the trees are in full bloom around here.
I have been participating in March Madness, and watching a lot of college basketball.
 A college from Atlanta made it into the playoffs,so I was cheering for them. I love watching college basketball.
That's about it for around here. The next few weeks and months are busy with Spring break and end of school /church events. And Rebecca's birthday is coming up too. Looking forward to a fun and busy weekend.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Photos from My Phone Friday

It's been forever since I have posted pictures from my phone. A bit of what we have been up to........
                                         The girls had a fun run to raise money for their school.
Rebecca started back to soccer.
My friend, Heidi McCahan had her second book published. I had a
chance to read it and thought it was a good book.
At the allergy doctor.
 Rachel is still getting shots for her allergies, but now we only have to go once a month !!
Dressed up for Western night at AWANA.
I saw @Skinnyrunnersr posted this on Instagram and it made
me laugh.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Albany Half

Way back in November, a couple of my friends and I decided to run a half marathon in Albany,GA.
My friend Mary and I drove together and we decided to make a weekend of it, so we went Friday and came home on Sunday. Mary's friend from high school drove up from Florida and ran with us.
Mary,me, Melissa
Our before the race picture. The weather was perfect-- a little cold to start, but a
beautiful sunny day.
I finished with my second best half marathon time --2 hours and 8 minutes.
I was happy with the time, because I didn't train too hard for this race.
I ran back and found Mary when she was around mile 12 and snapped a few pictures.
Then we waited a few minutes and Melissa crossed the finish line too.
The Albany race is a full and half marathon and it a qualifier for The Boston Marathon.
We were able to watch many full marathon runners cross the line and qualify in time to
run Boston Marathon next year-- amazing to see.
The finish was next to a river and pretty area to relax and stretch. We went for
quick massage/stretch in a recovery area and then went back to the hotel for
showers and naps :)
It was Mary's birthday!!
I brought along cupcakes and candle so we could sing to her.
After our naps, we went for dinner to celebrate and wandered around
downtown at a festival that was going on.
A fun weekend away!!