Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Yesterday was Rebecca's sixth birthday!!
We celebrated with her friends on Saturday and she was super excited for her
birthday party. This year we went to the Painted Penguin Pottery Place.
Each of the girls got to pick out a little statue and then spend time painting it.
Rebecca chose a heart shaped box to keep her "treasures" in.
Brianna, Sienna and Rebecca
They are all in the same kindergarten class and Rebecca was thrilled to
have them there. We had ten girls total, but I never took a group picture.
Blowing out the candles on her cookie cake :)
Afterwards, we went to out to dinner to celebrate some more.
 Yesterday I went to school and ate lunch with her and then we passed out cookies
to her classmates to celebrate.
Rachel took this picture of us after school. Can't believe she is six!
Time for cake and ice cream!!
We are thankful for our sweet Rebecca and pray her sixth year will
be a blessed one.

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