Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

We had the most beautiful weather for Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot going on around here, so here are some pictures from the past few days.

On Friday evening Rachel went to a swim party and sleep over with her friends from AWANA. She wanted to try out the sleeping bag before she left. It was Rachel's first sleep over and she and I were both a little nervous.
    She had a great time and they stayed up until one in the morning watching movies and talking.
I thought it was sweet that pretty much every girl there had brought along stuffed animals. Rachel and her friend Elizabeth have been in AWANA together since they were three years old.
Saturday evening we went to a birthday party for a friend, Michael, at Stars and Strikes bowling alley. We did bowling and played video games. Then over to Michael's house for food and cake.                                                            Michael the birthday boy.

Sunday morning I was up bright and early for my last long run on my training schedule. I ran at Little Mulberry Park and the views were beautiful. I stopped several times to take pictures.
Sunday afternoon we went over to our friends- John and Patria for lunch.
                                                                   Abbey, Fatima, Patria and Raphael.

                                                     Maureen, Jamie, Mary, Michelle and me

For Memorial Day our town has a parade every year and before the parade is a 5K race, so my friends and I did a little running. It was my first 5K and I finished in 28:39. This man ran the race in firefighter gear, pretty impressive!

                                                   After the race we all sat together and took in the parade.
                                                                   Rebecca, Meghan and Rachel

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Berry Good Afternoon

It is strawberry season here in Georgia, so the other day we drove out to Washington Farms for some strawberry picking.
Rebecca wasn't too interested in picking berries. She mostly supervised and played with the field flags.

                     There were soooo many strawberries and the air even smelled like strawberry jam.

We managed to pick two buckets of strawberries. They were selling homemade strawberry ice cream, so we shared a cup. It was SO good and I don't usually like strawberry ice cream. We were hot and tired and ready to go home. We snapped a picture of ourselves to remember the afternoon.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of Third Grade!

Another school year is done! Rachel had a great year and a wonderful teacher-Ms. Long. Rachel absolutely LOVED her teacher and she learned so much this year. Third grade was challenging at times for Rachel, but she did well and accomplished a lot.

Rachel and Samantha
Rebecca and I went to have lunch with Rachel on Monday. The school had its annual Dazzle Picnic and all the kids get an ice cream sundae to celebrate the end of school.
We went to a nearby cupcake store for a treat to celebrate the last day of third grade. Rachel went for chocolate and Rebecca had bubble gum flavor. I thought her cupcake was so pretty.

Raphael came home early and we went out for dinner to a pizza place. I didn't take a picture of Rachel before school to remember the day, but we did have our picture taken at dinner.
                                  We are happy to have a break from school and hooray for summer!!!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Photos from my Phone Friday

We have had a good week- busy with lots of "end of the school year" events happening around here.

                   Field day was this week and I stopped by for awhile to see Rachel and her friends.

Wednesday evening we went to church for an AWANA ceremony. Rachel finished her book and received an award and then we celebrated with some frozen yogurt at Menchies.
The other night at dinner, Rebecca had to go to the bathroom. I wasn't paying too much attention to her- she went and came back to finish eating. I was cleaning up the kitchen when I realized she was naked from the waist down! The girl is something else!
  Mr. Squirrel has been coming to eating his breakfast, lunch and dinner at the bird feeder this week.

We went to a new park and Rebecca was determined to hold on and cross the rope bridge. She just needs to be an inch or two taller. And now that warm weather is here, the girls had fun after school playing with the hose.

                                                                                       Happy Friday!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

                                                            We had a busy and lovely weekend.
We started Saturday morning with a birthday party at a bounce house place. Lots of fun and the girls burned a lot of energy. After the party we went home to change clothes and go to Rebecca's last soccer practice of the spring.
                                                                    Checking out her medal.
All the girls and their coaches. It was fun to watch Rebecca and we are thinking to sign her up for the fall session.
Sunday morning I went for a long run and when I got home the girls were excited to give me my Mother's Day gifts. They gave me a huge card, a beautiful picture frame and chocolate!

                                                    A picture of me and the girls before church.
After church we went to an outdoor mall for lunch at Red Robin. The restaurant ran out of desserts?! So we walked around and found a frozen yogurt place and did a little shoe shopping for Rachel.
It was wonderful Mother's Day- so thankful for my girls.
And thankful for my Mom!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Preschool Picnic

Yesterday was Rebecca's last day of preschool. They had a day of fun with snocones and playing games. The parents came for a picnic lunch and then it was time to go home.
Rebecca and her teachers Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Lesa
Rebecca had the nicest teachers this year. We loved them and they loved Rebecca.
Here is Rebecca meeting her teacher in the fall.
All the kids went home with a bucket filled with summer toys and treats. Rebecca loved playing with her pinwheel and ate her candy right away-she loves candy!
Her teachers made a pillow case with her handprints on it.
Super cute and Rebecca went straight to her room to find a pillow for it.
She didn't want her picture made, so this was the best shot.
And then she wanted to make silly faces, so we did.
We had to take Lola to the vet after school. Lola had stopped eating and I knew something must be wrong. Sure enough, today they cleaned her teeth and she had two cavities/abscesses, so they pulled them out. Bless her little heart.
Our vet's office is right next to Sonic, so of course we had to go and have an ice cream treat. Rebecca decided to go with a strawberry milkshake.
Hard to believe that her school year is over already. Rachel has eight days left and then summer vacation!!

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