Friday, April 24, 2015

Pictures from My Phone Friday

  This week as felt like the longest week, ever. Not exactly sure why that is, but I am happy it is Friday.  I didn't take too many pictures this week, but I know we have been on the go.....

Rebecca was quite proud of the tower she built with boxes from the post office.
She wanted to show that the tower is taller than she is.
A picture from church. We started a new series on the Holy Spirit.
I listen each week to Fresh Life church, which is a church in Kalispell MT.
The pastor is incredible and I am re-listening to a series that he preached about
the Holy Spirit.
The newest Penderwicks book!
We love the Penderwicks. Rachel and I started reading them together last summer.
Its hard to find good, age appropriate books for Rachel, and I am always on the
hunt for more reading for her.

This was my phone on Monday afternoon -- red means "tornado watch".
The weather got pretty crazy and this was all happening right when school was
supposed to dismiss, so the kids all had to stay at school until the danger passed.
Rebecca told me they had to be "turtles" on the floor,
Thankfully, no tornados touched down here. Never a dull moment living in
tornado country :)
I snuck this picture of Rachel at tennis.
She is still going to a private lesson each week, but she has also moved up
into the Academy Group. So we go for a big group lesson for two hours each week.
They work on all sorts of tennis drills and skills. Most of the time she likes it.
While Rachel is at tennis, we are at the park. Thankful for a few sunny days to
have time to play outside. Praying the rain stays away for the weekend, Rebecca hasn't
played a soccer game in weeks because of rainy weather.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Break 2015

We spent last week in Florida! Raphael had a business conference in Orlando at the exact time the girls were out of school, so we were able to go along and have some fun. It was the first time since Rachel has started school that we have gone anywhere for spring break and it was good to get out of town for a few days.  *****lots of pictures to follow******
Our first day, we stayed at the hotel and went swimming and explored all around the hotel. It is huge and there was a lot to walk around and see.
There was an area just for kids with a nice pool and waterpark with slides and fountains. The girls were waiting for the big bucket to fill up and spill water everywhere.
Lunchtime at the pool. I love eating outside and the weather was perfectly sunny. We swam till late afternoon, showered and then walked the hotel. This is a view from inside an elevator.

Room service!! The girls loved it.
Next morning we were up early to take the shuttle to Disney World!
Ready in her Minnie Mouse shirt.

The castle.
We walked through it and Rebecca thought it was so beautiful.
Our very first ride was The Haunted Mansion. Rebecca was scared, poor thing.
After that we ate-- it felt like we were always eating. So many good little snacks to
 try at Disney World.
Rebecca and I trying a pineapple Dole Whip. It is like a pineapple
flavored ice cream and it was good.
We turned a corner and ran into these ladies. So we chatted with them for
a minute. Rebecca was nervous and excited. Rachel told me she is getting too
 big to have her picture with the characters.
We had a  good day at the Magic Kingdom!
The next day we visited the Animal Kingdom and Epcot.
The tree of life in Animal Kingdom.
The very first ride we took was a roller coaster with dinosaurs. It was the first time for
Rebecca and I. Rachel had ridden it before with Raphael.
It was scary, but we loved it.
Then we left DinoLand and went to Africa. I really wanted to go on the
safari ride and it was one of my favorite rides. Love all the animals.
We took the train to an explorer station and met Rafiki and Chip and Dale.
Us at the Animal Kingdom.
I could have spent the day there. So much to see, but we need to move
onto Epcot.
Epcot was hosting a flower and garden show. Throughout Epcot there
were beautiful topiaries of different Disney characters.
Rebecca in Paris!
The Eiffel Tower in the background.
I explained to the girls that Epcot is arranged into countries and
Rebecca couldn't wait to get to see France.
China or maybe Japan?? I can't remember, but so pretty.
An exhibit with replicas of the Warrior Statues from China.
We were walking through England and Alice was in the tea garden
Rebecca loved talking with her.
Friday was our last day in Florida and Raphael's conference was over, so we
all went to SeaWorld. But first we went to breakfast in the most perfect little
town ever--- Celebration.
Celebration is a town created and planned by Disney and it is postcard
perfect. The street signs, cute shops, nice people, no litter, good food......
I could live there :)
I just love the street signs! Adorable!! We ate dinner in Celebration our first
night in Florida and couldn't stay away.
The town was hosting a car show, so very fancy and expensive
cars were lining the streets. Many of the cars on display were worth
more than our house!
Ok---- now to SeaWorld!
Raphael and Rachel went on the rollercoasters. Rebecca and I went to
look at the stingrays.
We went on a ride that ended in the penguin exhibit. The penguins were
so fun to watch and they are such fast swimmers.
There were animals exhibits through out . The flamingos were gorgeous.
Our only picture together the whole trip :)
And of course, we went to see Shamu and his friends.
We all enjoyed the show. So amazing to watch those whales jump and dive.
And that was spring break 2015.
Rebecca already asked me where we are going for next year's
spring break ?!