Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

I took the girls to a church for a little Easter egg hunt.  The girls had lots of fun and found a lot of eggs. Rebecca was in candy heaven!

They had lots of activities for the kids- arts & crafts, cake walk and the cutest little bunny rabbits to hold. The lady said all the rabbits were for sale. Rachel loved them and really wanted to bring one home.
                                   Rachel won a cake! She was so proud of herself.

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Friday, March 30, 2012


Today Rebecca turned three years old!

We started the day by having birthday cake pancakes for breakfast. I saw the idea on Pinterest which took me to the Betty Crocker website for the recipe. The pancakes looked pretty and tasted good too.

After breakfast, Rebecca opened up a few gifts.
Wearing her new Dora dress up outfit and reading her new princess book.
Later the girls and I went to Sam's Club and then out for a birthday lunch. I found a cute tshirt a few months ago for Rebecca with a number three on it.
 Tonight we had pizza for birthday dinner and had cake and ice cream.

                                                Rebecca and her new Dora sunglasses.
                                       Another great birthday for our Rebecca! We love you!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jumpy Joes

Today we had Rebecca's third birthday party! I still can't quite believe she will be three years old by this time next week.  Rebecca's birthday is at a tricky time, because it is the start of spring break and Easter. Many of her friends go out of town, so I decided to have her party early and at a nearby bounce house- Monkey joes. But Rebecca likes to call it Jumpy Joes.

                                       ***** warning--many pictures to follow*****

I didn't like any invitations at the store, so I made my own. Copied it from any idea on Pinterest and I think it turned out cute.

One of the nice things about the party being on Friday morning is that the place was pretty empty. I think two other families were there, so we had lots of space to run and play.
These three are triplets! Eddie, Robert and Anna. And they have two older sisters at home! God bless their mom, Michelle. The kids are so good and really sweet.
The girls all holding hands- so sweet. Layla and Rebecca eating some ice cream and Carter.
I tried to get pictures of everyone, but didn't quite make it. We also had a set of twins at the party.
                                                     Lukas, Rebecca, Isabella and RJ.

                                                          Me and my birthday girl!
                            My friends-Tasha,Meredith,Michelle, Kelly, Lisa and Andrea.
                  Meredith is the "fun mom" in the group. She likes to go on the slides with the kids.

These are the monkey cupcakes I made. Again, I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and added a few details.

                                                                     It was a fun party!

Rebecca and I came home and opened her gifts. She got so many great gifts and lots of dress up outfits.
We had a fun day. Rachel was at school and Raphael had a test today, so on her actual birthday next week we plan to have a little "family" party.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stay and Play & St. Patrick's Day

On Friday I had my MOMS club over for a St. Patrick's Day party. I baked a bunch of potatoes and everyone else brought toppings. It worked out well and we had a nice lunch.  I think my friends had fun, because they stayed for hours. 
                                      These girls had so much fun playing together.

We had the cutest little cupcakes for dessert. And they were so good, I couldn't stop eating them.
I am not very creative when it comes to St. Patrick's day activities around the house. I gave the girls Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast. I had some cute headbands and necklaces for them to wear.
Today I took the girls out and about. Raphael was working on the deck/fence and we are having eighty degree weather.  We went to the kids museum for a few hours and then to a park.
         At the kids museum the girls kept locking themselves inside of the dog kennel. Silly girls!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What'll Ya Have?!

The girls and I went to the park this weekend. After the park, we were hungry and I decided to take the girls for dinner at The Varsity. It is a fun old style restaurant and we had never been before.

When you place your order at the counter, the cashier shouts "What'll ya have? What'll ya have?" Rachel thought it was the funniest thing and kept saying it the entire way home.

We went with hotdogs, fries and onion rings. The onion rings were homemade and were so good. Rebecca was in heaven- she loves onions!

                                                            Great day out with the girls!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

It looks like spring has arrived to Georgia! We didn't really have too much winter weather, but I am so ready for sunny skies and warmer days. On Sunday it was beautiful outside, so I took the girls to play at the park.

The playground had castles, pirate ships, fire trucks, trees, and a drive thru. It was really cute and tons of families out enjoying the day.

It was a great park and the girls had lots of fun. We ended our day with a walk through the woods.

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