Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend 2016

We had a busy weekend ! Friday night the girls and I had movie night and then on Saturday morning I went to my MOMS Club annual Mother's Day Luncheon.  It was a little bitter sweet this year because it was our last one ever. We are closing down our MOMS Club next month. I have been in the Club since 2005. Some of my bestest friends are from MOMS Club. 
We had brunch at a new restaurant in our town and the food was really good. I had the churro waffles and chicken. We sat and talked for a long time. I snuck in a quick workout at the gym and then time to go home.  We had tickets to go the to local high school to see the musical Mary Poppins. Rebecca loves to watch Mary Poppins, so I thought she might enjoy it.
Sunday morning we were up and off to church. Each year our church does a big celebration for the moms. They had beautiful backdrops for picture taking and each mom got the cutest mason jar.
The girls and Raphael had several nice cards and gifts for me.
Rebecca made a little book at school. It was filled with lots of funny stories.

Later we met up with my parents at the Red Robin for lunch. Sunday was also my Mom's
birthday!! So we had a lot to celebrate :)
All the ladies !!
We headed home and played outside in the sunshine for awhile. It was a great weekend !

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life Lately

Well, it's May already and I am thrilled! The girls are down to 15 days left of school !!! We are ready for school to be over and for some summertime fun.  The last few weeks are going to be busy and here are a few of the things we have been up to lately.............................

I am trying to get to back to running longer distances.  I made it into the Peachtree Road Race in July. The race is a 10k and I have mostly been running sprints on the treadmill, so I have been trying to run outside more.
                                           Rebecca had her seven year check up and all is well.
                                        I was trying to sneak a picture in the window reflection.
Layla and Rebecca.
The flowers are in full bloom around here.
Rebecca played her last soccer game for the spring season.
The coach was so nice and I think Rebecca had fun.
It was field day last Friday, so I went to watch the games for awhile.
Liz and Rebecca. They are in the same class and on the same soccer team.

Saturday we participated with our church for a family 5k run/walk. It was part of a sermon
series called Double Dog Dare. It was a little warm and it rained for a minute, but we did it.
The girls did pretty well and hopefully we can do it again in the future.
Rachel had a dentist appointment and had to go home with a balloon :)

That's it for now. It is going to be a busy weekend ahead!!