Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent our Thanksgiving with our friends, Mike and Susana and their kids. We went for dinner, so we spent alot of day outside and enjoying the weather. Rachel practiced her bike riding skills some more and Raphael and I rode our bikes too.
We ate so much good food and had a nice time talking. Rachel and Michael are the same age and bonded over video games and just running around the house being crazy.
                                                                               Susana and Mike
After dinner we played Just Dance on  the Wii to burn a few calories. It is a fun game and a lot harder than it looks.
The rest of weekend we started decorating for Christmas. I bought a tree for Rebecca's room this year and she was so excited to have a tree of her own.
And Rebecca entertained herself for quite awhile playing with all the nativity sets. She was thrilled to find out there were finger puppets.
                                             Great weekend and thankful for so many blessings!
" I will praise God's name in song and glorify Him with Thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finally Figured it Out

                     Today Rachel finally figured out how to ride her bike! And is sooo proud of herself!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Girls in Greenville

The girls are out of school this week for Thanksgiving and today we took a daytrip to Greenville South Carolina.
                                                                First stop was the Greenville Zoo.
             They had a new baby giraffe- Kikko. So cute and the most popular animal at the zoo today.

After a stop at the gift shop, we went to the park to play for awhile. Then we drove downtown to visit Falls Park on the Reedy River. It was a huge park with a really long walking bridge and lots of trails.
                                                               The Liberty Bridge and River Falls.
                           The weather was beautiful and the park was full of people enjoying the day.
  Me and the girls. A nice lady with her kids offered to take our picture.
We walked down the river to find the Children's Garden. It was in a strange place, underneath a freeway. It had lots of statues of animals and characters from story books.
                                                                       The views along the river.
                                                              These boots were made for walking.
As we were leaving, this group of college girls were walking in front of us. And Rachel noticed right away that they were all wearing boots.

It was nice getting out of town for the day with the girls. Greenville seems like a great little town and has lots to do for families. The girls and I decided we need to go back this summer and spend more time there.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday was Rebecca's Thanksgiving feast at preschool. Her teacher made cute Native American headbands and shirts for all the kids. They looked so cute when the parents came in for lunch.

                                  Rebecca, Rowan and Daniel.Rebecca loves her preschool friends.
                                                                         It was a fun little party.
                                                    And we are officially on Thanksgiving vacation!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Princess & Pony Party

Yesterday after church, Rebecca and I went to a birthday party for her friend Katie. Katie lives out in the country and they have lots of room for the kids to run and play.
Once again, it was a perfect fall day, so we spent most of the party outside playing, jumping in the bounce house and checking out the horses.
         Katie-the birthday girl, Layla and Rebecca. If only I could get Rebecca to look at the camera ;)
                                                               Checking out the horses.
                          Black Ace saying "hello" to Rebecca. She told me " I'm not scared Momma."
   Meredith went in the pasture and saddle up Red Ace so the kids could have a ride if they wanted to.

Katie lives in the country and is surrounded by animals, but she loves playing princess and dress up. She had the cutest Cinderella cake and goody bags.
Fun party with friends!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Around Here

                                  It has been business as usual around our house this past week.
                                                   A few pictures of the girls from this week.
Rachel modeling her new coat and hat. The weather has been a little schizo lately. One day it is fifty and windy and then this weekend it was almost eighty.
This is what Rebecca is up to in the mornings before we walk up to the bus stop- getting into everything. She is very busy and is quite entertaining lately. Rebecca tells me about her "other family" --that they are imaginary and her "other mom" lets her do whatever she wants! I am not sure where she gets these ideas?
                                                         Enjoying all the Halloween candy.
                                                                           Movie night!
Saturday we went bowling with our friends and then came home and we made a fire. The kids played and we had a nice time talking by the fire and making smores.

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