Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Saturday Morning at The Fox

Sometimes I run with a group of ladies and back in June, we had an early morning run and ended with a stop at Starbucks. We were talking and someone mentioned that The Fox Theater in Atlanta shows old fashioned cartoons on Saturday mornings.   I thought it sounded like a lot of fun and the girls have never been to The Fox. So, this past weekend we packed up and headed into Atlanta on Friday night for quick visit.

First, we ate! We love Mellow Mushroom and it did not disappoint. The weather
was rainy on and off, but thankfully it stopped raining. I had bought tickets to ride
the SkyView Ferris Wheel and it doesn't run if the weather is bad.
The Ferris Wheel has been in Atlanta for a couple of years and we just
never have gotten around to riding it. I decided to surprise the girls and
take us all on a ride.
It is 200 feet high.
It has 42 gondolas that are all climate controlled.
It can hold up to 251 people at once.
Inside our gondola.
I am not a fan of being way up high, but for the most part, I did fine.
I got a little nervous when we stopped to let more people on.
I like to be moving :)
The view looking down on Centennial Olympic Park.
It was a beautiful view.
As we were riding the sun was setting and the Ferris Wheel starts
to change colors.
We went back to our hotel and the girls and Raphael went swimming.
I found a hotel with an outdoor pool and they loved swimming at night.
Sunrise from our hotel room.
We ate breakfast at the hotel and headed over to The Fox.
We got there a little early, but there were already people going in,
so we did too. The girls and I walked around and found seats up in
the balcony.
Before the show, a man playing an old fashioned organ, that they
call The Might Moe, played a bunch of old songs and we sang along.
The Fox is so pretty. The d├ęcor is Middle Eastern or something
similar. Someday I will take a tour and learn all about it.
This time all the cartoon were Looney Tunes.
They have concessions and there were so many people there.
We were a bit surprised to see a lot of people without kids there too.
Time to go home.
It was a fun and quick little trip to Atlanta.
Rebecca told me " all my dreams are coming true!".
We will be back!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tallulah Gorge Falls

Last weekend,  the girls stayed at my parents house. It was a perfect day and
I thought we should do an outside activity, so we decided to go on a hike
at the Tallulah Gorge State Park.
The suspension bridge.
The park was beautiful and it was good to be outside and get some
fresh air. The hike was no joke, lots of walking and many steps!
Climbing up!
I wore my activity tracker on my shoe. I ended up with way over
10,000 steps that day.
Rainbow.. if you look really closely.
We hiked all the way around and finished at the Tallulah Bridge.
There is a big electrical water dam to look at.
It was a lot of fun. We were glad the girls missed this outing. I know
they would have complained with all the stairs and the heat. We hope
to take them on an easier hike soon.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fort De Soto and Florida Randomness

Our last day in Florida we had to go to the beach. It was rainy and nasty weather as
we were driving and I was a little worried, but it was sunny at the beach.
We went to Saint Petersburg area and spent the day at Fort De Soto Park.
It was another beautiful beach and not many people.
These two both ended up with cuts from seashells, so they were taking
it easy.
Low tide.
"No more pictures ! "
Heading back home. All good things must come to an end.

And just some random things about our trip.......
There were A LOT of geckos/lizards and the girls were always
trying to catch some.
I ran past this sign each morning.
I had the most beautiful views running along side the ocean.
Dunedin has a tradition of decorating the mailboxes.
I took a few pictures when I was out running.
The downtown area.
On Saturday morning we packed up and ate breakfast at my favorite
restaurant, Perkins, and then started the drive home.
I love Florida gas stations so much! They have a lot going on.
Only in Florida can you buy alligator heads and a candy bar :).
Florida was good to us! We miss it and we will be back !!