Thursday, January 30, 2014

SnowJam 2014

On Sunday the weatherman started to warn us about the possibility of snow in Georgia-- and around here, snow is a big deal. Sure enough, late Tuesday morning, the snow flakes started falling. The schools let kids out early and many of the stores and companies in Atlanta sent their employees home. The city of Atlanta and the freeways around it ended up with one big traffic jam. The news channels called it SnowJam 2014.
       This is what it the roads looked like. Lots of people sat in their cars for hours and many got out and walked to shelter for the night.

We were all at home safe and warm! The girls loved the snow and went outside several times to play and go sledding.
I went sledding too!
Our family
Lola ventured out for a few minutes. Doesn't she look happy?
Raphael made us an Olaf snowman.
We have had a fun couple of days playing in the snow, but I am thankful most of it has melted and it is back to school tomorrow!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Photos from my Phone Friday

Thankful it is Friday! It has been a crazy week. I haven't snapped too many photos lately, but a few from the phone of what has been going on around here.
It has been a rainy fall and winter.
 I have been miserable with wet shoes and feet, so I finally bought some rain boots.
We have been reading The Pigeon books lately. Rebecca loves them.
Birds of a feather, flocking together.
I like watching the birds at the backyard birdfeeder.
Rebecca had fun at a gymnastics birthday party.
Last Saturday, Raphael was injured playing racquetball.
His Achilles tendon has a tear, so he gets to wear a boot to help it heal.
Yesterday afternoon, I was at playgroup with Rebecca. Several neighbors called to tell me that our neighbors house was on fire. Rebecca and I headed home and found this scene.
Turns out, a distant neighbor was burning some material in their backyard and it got out of control. The weather has been super windy and the fire travelled to two of our neighbors homes. It burned their yards, burst a window and was moving inside.
There were three fire trucks and they all had hoses hooked up to the fire hydrant in our front yard.
They managed to get the fire out and no one was injured. The fire came within about fifteen feet of our house.  Beyond grateful for all the fire men working so hard in the wind and cold weather to get the fire out. I did my best to stay calm and not freak out the girls, but my heart was beating fast.
Still kind of in shock over it all. I talked with my neighbor and she showed me the damage to their house. I was impressed with how calm she was. The girls and I have been praying for her and her husband. Keep them in your prayers!

Friday, January 10, 2014

At the Skating Rink

Last year, Rachel and I went ice skating at the St. Regis Hotel. We had a wonderful time and I planned to take her again this Christmas. I waited too long to make reservations, so I decided to take the entire family to Lake Lanier for skating. It was the first time at the ice skate rink for Rebecca and Raphael.
                            Rachel did a good job at skating. I think she only fell a couple of times.
The rink had "skate mates" for beginner skaters to hold onto for balance and helping with skating. Rebecca didn't quite understand, so most of the time I skated with her pushing us both along.
It was a fun afternoon and we all had fun. Rachel and Rebecca already asked me if we can go skating again next year.

                And then a few days later, I took Rachel, Rebecca and a friend to go roller skating.
                                                                Rachel and Sydney.
          I did the same thing for roller skating with Rebecca- a skate mate and I pushed her along.
Love those little skates :)
We had to sit and watch a few times while the older skaters played games in the middle of the rink.
Fun times!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

InstaYear- Our 2013 in Pictures

Last year for Christmas, I received an iPhone5 and several of my friends encouraged me to sign up for Instagram.( Instagram is a way to edit and share pictures with friends and family on your smartphone.) In the past I have done a little review of our year in pictures, so I thought I would do the same for 2013, using (mostly) my pictures from Instagram.  ***lots of pictures ahead***

                                                                     At the movies
At the beginning of February, we drove to Miami to meet with Raphael's family and we all went on a Disney cruise! It was so much fun!!
On our way home from the cruise, we surprised  the girls with a day trip to Disneyworld!
I turned 40 years old!
we visited the Gibbs Gardens
Rebecca celebrate her fourth birthday!
Rebecca started soccer.
Trip to the zoo.
I ran a 10k with Chick-fil-A
Spring dance party at Rachel's school
Strawberry picking at Washington Farms
Ran the Dacula Memorial Day Parade 5k with friends
A night out.
Nana and Papa made a surprise visit to Georgia!
The girls were beyond excited to see them.
Rachel turned 9 years old!
Thanks to Nana, Rachel had her first trip to American Girl Doll store.
We visited the Atlanta Botanical gardens
We took a quick trip to St. Augustine Florida.
4th of July
Winshape camp for Rachel
Camping with friends
We finally had a birthday party for Rachel.
We spent many days at the lake and pool.
Back to school for Rachel!
end of summer pool party
Night out to celebrate our 14th anniversary!
Back to preschool for Rebecca!!
First trip to the drive in movies.
Day trip to Atlanta with friends
Raphael celebrated his birthday.
I ran my second half marathon.
Visit to the pumpkin patch.
Trick or treat!!
Rebecca finished her fall soccer season.
Went to our first Atlanta Hawks game.
Lola ate a lot of cookies and had to visit the vet.
I ran the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day half marathon with friends.
The girls had Christmas choir programs at church.
Date night !
Making cookies for Santa.
Christmas morning.
Looking back, we managed to squeeze in a lot of fun times with family and friends.
2013 had its ups and downs for sure, but overall we were blessed!