Friday, January 10, 2014

At the Skating Rink

Last year, Rachel and I went ice skating at the St. Regis Hotel. We had a wonderful time and I planned to take her again this Christmas. I waited too long to make reservations, so I decided to take the entire family to Lake Lanier for skating. It was the first time at the ice skate rink for Rebecca and Raphael.
                            Rachel did a good job at skating. I think she only fell a couple of times.
The rink had "skate mates" for beginner skaters to hold onto for balance and helping with skating. Rebecca didn't quite understand, so most of the time I skated with her pushing us both along.
It was a fun afternoon and we all had fun. Rachel and Rebecca already asked me if we can go skating again next year.

                And then a few days later, I took Rachel, Rebecca and a friend to go roller skating.
                                                                Rachel and Sydney.
          I did the same thing for roller skating with Rebecca- a skate mate and I pushed her along.
Love those little skates :)
We had to sit and watch a few times while the older skaters played games in the middle of the rink.
Fun times!

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