Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Cheer 2016

Our Christmas was good. We had a full house this year with Perla visiting, plus my parents and Amy.
Raphael and his Mom went to see A Christmas Carol.
We went to see The Christmas Canteen. It is a show in a little theater in
Lawrenceville. I have heard about for years and this year we finally went.
It was really good and funny. And the kids liked it too!
Coookies for Santa
Christmas Eve church service.

We opened gifts that were to and from my parents.
Cookies for Santa, carrots for reindeer and cheese for Santa mouse.
We watched Polar Express and all fell into bed.
Christmas morning!
The girls wasted no time playing with new Legos.
Face Time with my sister and her crew.
More Lego building.
Rebecca being the "teacher".
We played games and ate a lot of good food.
It was a warm 73  degrees on Christmas Day!
Christmas 2016!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


                                                   Beautiful Christmas card from Kristina Werner Design Blog

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Life Lately

We made it through the last days of school and now are officially on Christmas vacation! A few pictures of our life lately.................

Rachel and I had breakfast at Waffle House and then she went for the
last day of school. There were lots of her friends there, guess we all
had the same idea.

We have been watching all the Christmas shows.
I love the tree in the early morning.
Jack the elf has been getting around the house.
Rebecca read our Elf a story. And had on her apron and hat at 6:30
in the morning. She was ready to make cookies.
Abuela is here for Christmas and we are happy about that !
Rebecca has been wanting to work puzzles.
Decorated gingerbread house and made gingerbread cookies.
Perla and Raphael.
They were going to see The Christmas Carol.
Sleeping beauty.
I love this house in our neighborhood!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Nutcracker

Last Sunday the girls and I drove to Athens and met up with my Mom. We had an afternoon together and went to see The Nutcracker Ballet.  Rachel and I had seen it several years ago, but it was Rebecca's first time to see the show.
No pictures were allowed during the dance, so I took this one at the very end.
The show was incredible. Rebecca really enjoyed it. It was fun to watch her,
while she was watching the ballet.
After the show, the two main dancers, were signing autographs.
Nana and her granddaughters.
After the show we walked over to look at the Athena statue.
Rachel is a big fan of mythology, so she wanted her picture taken.
We had a great afternoon together and now Rebecca wants to take ballet classes :)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Life Lately

So, life lately has been good and busy. My phone decided to stop working, and I ended up having to get a new one, so my first picture I took with my phone was......

I just love books and those old fashioned library stools. I need one for our house.
Sometimes I think I should have been a librarian.
We have all our Christmas trees up. I love the trees and the lights.
Our Elf-on-the-Shelf named Jack, came back ! He has been keeping a close
eye on the girls. Rebecca has really been into the Elf this year. So cute.
We celebrated Amy's 20th birthday!!
At Rebecca's school the Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes were
in charge of Chapel for the month of December. They put on a short
version of the Christmas story and Rebecca was the narrator.
She had to read quite a lot and did so well. I am amazed at how far she
has come this school year. I thank God each day for her school and teachers.
Our church has a Christmas party and we saw Santa.

We are on the count down to Christmas vacation! The girls have three days left of
school and I am looking forward to family time and not having to pack school lunches!!