Saturday, December 24, 2016

Life Lately

We made it through the last days of school and now are officially on Christmas vacation! A few pictures of our life lately.................

Rachel and I had breakfast at Waffle House and then she went for the
last day of school. There were lots of her friends there, guess we all
had the same idea.

We have been watching all the Christmas shows.
I love the tree in the early morning.
Jack the elf has been getting around the house.
Rebecca read our Elf a story. And had on her apron and hat at 6:30
in the morning. She was ready to make cookies.
Abuela is here for Christmas and we are happy about that !
Rebecca has been wanting to work puzzles.
Decorated gingerbread house and made gingerbread cookies.
Perla and Raphael.
They were going to see The Christmas Carol.
Sleeping beauty.
I love this house in our neighborhood!

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