Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Year

Today is our little Rebecca's first birthday!  It is still so hard for me to believe that an entire year has gone by already. A year ago today, we were holding our baby, looking at her big blue eyes (surprise!) and loving her pretty little face. Admiring her head full of hair(never thought we would have another baby with curly hair-ha!) and wondering what kind of personality she would have. It was a special moment watching Rachel hold her little sister for the first time. So many great memories from this day last year.

March 30 2009

First night at home

One month old

Two months
four months

first cereal
november 2009
christmas time
January 2010
valentines 2010
                                                            March 30 2010--One year.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

What was I doing...?

All this week I have been asking myself  "what was I doing this time last year?"  Last year this week, I was very, very pregnant with Rebecca.  On this date last year, I went to my O.B. for a checkup, I didn't know it at the time, but it was to be my last! Our sweet baby was born just four days later.

 I know that I was feeling uncomfortable, couldn't sleep, anxious to meet our little girl.  I also remember, thinking to myself to savor and try to remember all of this, especially the feeling of her moving and kicking around, because pretty sure this was going to be our last baby. I tried imagining what she was going to look like, wondering how much she would weigh, praying that delivery would go well and she would be born healthy.  Thanking the Lord for the miracle growing inside of me.

Rebecca is such a sweet little girl and we can imagine our lives without her.  I have spent the week getting ready for her first birthday party this weekend.  She has been busy as ever. 
She loves climbing over and into anything she can!

Making a big mess!

Rebecca "feeding" herself with a fork. Quite often she will
cry and fuss until you give her a spoon or fork. She loves
 trying to eat all by herself.

Decorations for her party. I wanted some bright and cheery
colors, so went wtih the pink and green.

We have a busy weekend ahead! Three birthday parties to attend and my parents are coming for a visit. Should be alot of fun times. Happy weekend.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness

I don't know about any of you, but I love it when March rolls around. I am not sure why, but most years in March I finally get myself together and do some serious spring cleaning. And I almost always paint a room or two in our house. And to keep me company- in the background I have the NCAA college basketball games on the TV.   I don't have a favorite team, but I usually cheer for the teams I feel like I "know"- because I have lived in that state or like their mascot.  I watched some great games with the WA Huskies and Georgia Tech - I was yelling and clapping. Rachel had to tell me to keep it down, I was waking her up-ha! 

I have started on my painting projects- the guest room bathroom. It was in serious need of some paint and a little sprucing up. Also hope to paint the dining room this week. And work on decorations for Rebecca's first birthday party. And make cupcakes and a little cake for her. And clean my house before my parents get here. And go grocery shopping. And remember to order the balloons. And, And, And, etc....Not exactly sure why I decided to paint this week- guess that I work better under pressure.

A few pictures of the girls for your viewing pleasure.

Our "movie" cupboard-guess she was looking for a certain
movie that she wanted to watch?

Miss Rebecca feeding her lunch to Lola

Picture of the pizza I made-from scratch! last night for dinner.
Soooooo good. Try it. It is from the The Pioneer Woman.

Rachel and her friend caught this little gecko in our backyard today.
We get lots of these when the weather is warm. Rachel really
wanted to keep him.

Setting our lizard friend free.

OK--off the watch some basketball! Happy weekend.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First haircut!

We started our morning with some excitement. A leprechaun came to visit during the night! He made a mess on the kitchen table, turned over some chairs and left a stuffed animal for Rachel.  Rachel talked about making a trap for catching leprechauns, so yesterday afternoon we did. We baited it with chocolate candy and it was gone this morning, but no leprechaun to be found.  Rachel was so cute looking all around for him.  And at school there was some mischief caused by a leprechaun there as well.  I love that Rachel gets excited about these little events, I know that in a few years, she won't believe anymore. So we are having fun while we can.                                                                               
                                                    leprechaun trap    

After school today,we went to the beauty shop and both of the girls got their hair trimmed. It was Rebecca's first haircut and she did really well. We just had trimmed up the back a little. Rebecca's hair was getting really long and scraggly looking in the back.  She sat on my lap and didn't seem to realize what exactly was going on. Of course, I took home one of her little curls.

a "before" pic of her hair

the "after" pic. The difference is really small, but I am happy with it.

Then it was Rachel's turn. This was her third haircut and she was a trooper. She talked non stop and ate a snack the entire time. I had quite a bit taken off the back and it looks cute. Of course Rachel was not to thrilled about having her picture taken.

Rachel talking to Ms. Gwen

After haircuts we drove back to home and went to Burger King for dinner. Rachel has AWANA on Wednesdays and the restaurant is near the church. The girls ate and played for quite awhile.

Our lucky charms!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Bit of Everything

This morning I went to a brunch with my MOMS club. We had a St. Patrick's day celebration and everyone was supposed to bring something green to eat.  There were quite a few moms there and the weather was nice, so lots of the kids played outside. Rebecca crawled around and tried to get into mischief. I mostly ate and talked with my friends.   Then we ran a bunch of errands and came home for naptime.

After Rachel was home from school, we went outside to play. At the store today I bought a plastic baseball bat and ball. Rachel did pretty good at hitting the ball and Rebecca was busy exploring the yard and chasing after Lola.                                                           

This past weekend we celebrated several friends birthdays.  Rachel went to a classmates and had lots of fun. It was a "drop-off" party -- the first one she has been too.

On her way to the party

Rebecca and I went to a friend of hers from playgroup. He had his first birthday and was so cute. They had the cutest little trucks with goodies for take home favors. Rebecca has been busy playing with hers.

And then our good friends- Gregg and Ashley came over with their girls to celebrate Gregg's birthday.
We had soooo much food. I stuffed myself with appetizers and could barely eat dinner. Ashley brought the best pineapple cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Thanks to them for coming over- we had a great time!

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking both girls in to get a hair cut/trimmed.  I am a bit nervous about Rebecca, so say a prayer that it all goes well!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Day

We are having a busy day here at the Tomlins. Raphael and Rachel are at a birthday party and soon Rebecca and I are headed out the door to go to a party too! Then tonight we are having friends over for dinner and celebrating our friend Gregg's b-day.  I should have some pics to share tomorrow.

I wanted to show what Rebecca was up to yesterday.

And we want to wish a very Happy Anniversary to my parents today!

We love you!

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