Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Bit of Everything

This morning I went to a brunch with my MOMS club. We had a St. Patrick's day celebration and everyone was supposed to bring something green to eat.  There were quite a few moms there and the weather was nice, so lots of the kids played outside. Rebecca crawled around and tried to get into mischief. I mostly ate and talked with my friends.   Then we ran a bunch of errands and came home for naptime.

After Rachel was home from school, we went outside to play. At the store today I bought a plastic baseball bat and ball. Rachel did pretty good at hitting the ball and Rebecca was busy exploring the yard and chasing after Lola.                                                           

This past weekend we celebrated several friends birthdays.  Rachel went to a classmates and had lots of fun. It was a "drop-off" party -- the first one she has been too.

On her way to the party

Rebecca and I went to a friend of hers from playgroup. He had his first birthday and was so cute. They had the cutest little trucks with goodies for take home favors. Rebecca has been busy playing with hers.

And then our good friends- Gregg and Ashley came over with their girls to celebrate Gregg's birthday.
We had soooo much food. I stuffed myself with appetizers and could barely eat dinner. Ashley brought the best pineapple cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Thanks to them for coming over- we had a great time!

Tomorrow afternoon I am taking both girls in to get a hair cut/trimmed.  I am a bit nervous about Rebecca, so say a prayer that it all goes well!

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