Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Museum and A Garden

Way back in May, Rebecca went on a field trip with her class to the INK Museum. She had been there several times before and loves that place. She had been asking to go again, so I took the girls for a quick visit.
                                                                   In the music room
                                             My personal favorite -- the grocery store.
A big daycare arrived at the museum with a million kids, so the girls and I left for lunch.
After that I drove a bit in hopes of finding a new garden that I had read about on the internet.

The gardens just opened in May, and while significantly smaller than the Atlanta gardens, still very beautiful.  I love flowers and plants and enjoyed looking around at the beauty.
There are many places to stop and sit or swing through out. There weren't too many people there, so we had lots of time and space to look at everything.
They have a section with little houses and a train station among the flowers. Nearby there were little trains for the kids to play with, so we stopped to play for awhile.
Lots of hydrangeas-- my favorite!! This was on the way to an amphitheater and outdoor party area.
Our blurry picture :)  the staff was all older ladies and none of them knew how to use a phone to take a picture, so this was the best we could get.  I thought it was a lovely place and so peaceful and quiet.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer So Far

Our summer is zooming by and the girls have been out of school for a month already! It makes me sad, because summer time is my favorite time and I hate how fast it going.  We have been having fun and keeping busy..........
 Big news for Rebecca-- she finally lost her first tooth!! We were pulling into the church parking lot and it fell out. She was so excited. And the tooth fairy came to visit :)
                                              We have been spending lots of time at the pool.
I have been running early in the morning with my friends.
I signed up to run The Peachtree Road Race in July, so I have to
keep running this summer.
My little helper.
Rebecca has been in SonShine Camp. And while she is in camp
Rachel and I had some fun days just the two of us.
We got our nails done.
Watching Rachel at tennis camp.
We went to a family night at the park.
It's popsicle season.
We celebrated Father's Day.
These girls love their Daddy!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In the Tree Tops

Last Sunday, we skipped church and took the girls and Daniella to Tree Top Quest.
This was the activity Rachel chose to do with a friend to celebrate for her birthday.
Daniella and Rachel.
Rachel climbed at Tree Top a few years ago, but this was the first time Daniella had been there.
It takes a bit of getting used to and figuring out all the equipment, but the girls did great and had
an awesome time.
While the big girls were doing their climbing course, Rebecca was on the course for
the smaller kids.
So cute.
It can be tricky to move the clips and safety ropes, plus keep balanced, but Rebecca did so well.
She told me " this is really challenging, but fun".
Rebecca's course, was significantly shorter, so Raphael took her to the Spider Quest
to climb and play. Spider Quest is an area with rope walls, nets, bridges and you walk and climb
all over the place.
Waaaaay up there :)
It was super hard to get a decent shot of the ropes with the funky lighting and shadows
cast from the trees, so it is hard to see.
Raphael on the slide.
Of course, Rachel and Daniella had to try out the Spider Quest too.
Afterwards, we walked around and looked at the flowers and waterfalls.
A great way to celebrate Rachel's 11th birthday!


Monday, June 1, 2015


                                               Today Rachel turned eleven years old!!

I had Rachel and Rebecca up early today to go with me to the gym. Rachel was anxious to
 open her gifts and cards. After the gym she wanted to go to IHOP for a birthday breakfast.
Rachel's friend, Daniella, came over for awhile and we had cake and ice cream.
The girls all went outside to play and they dressed up Lola.
Poor dog was not happy.
The weather has been rainy and lots of late afternoon thunderstorms.
So we stayed inside and watched a movie and had a lazy afternoon.
We plan to take Rachel and Daniella out this weekend for a birthday
activity. As she gets older, we are doing less of the parties with lots
of friends, and instead a smaller event with a friend of two.
Happy 11th birthday Rachel.
We love you!!