Monday, June 1, 2015


                                               Today Rachel turned eleven years old!!

I had Rachel and Rebecca up early today to go with me to the gym. Rachel was anxious to
 open her gifts and cards. After the gym she wanted to go to IHOP for a birthday breakfast.
Rachel's friend, Daniella, came over for awhile and we had cake and ice cream.
The girls all went outside to play and they dressed up Lola.
Poor dog was not happy.
The weather has been rainy and lots of late afternoon thunderstorms.
So we stayed inside and watched a movie and had a lazy afternoon.
We plan to take Rachel and Daniella out this weekend for a birthday
activity. As she gets older, we are doing less of the parties with lots
of friends, and instead a smaller event with a friend of two.
Happy 11th birthday Rachel.
We love you!!

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