Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

We are on the first week of summer vacation and it is wonderful !! The girls have been sleeping in and we have been trying to just take it easy.  We had a nice Memorial Day weekend-- did most of the same things we do each year.

Saturday was sunny and Rebecca wanted to play in the sprinkler,
and Rachel went to two parties that afternoon.
Sunday we went to church and then took the girls to see the movie
Memorial Day I met up with my friend Mary and we ran the
5k race that our town has each year. I found my family and we
watched the Memorial Day parade.
This guy in his recliner 'float" made us laugh.
We went home for lunch and then took the girls to Stone Mountain for awhile.
Rachel and Raphael did the Sky Hike and I took Rebecca to
the kids section.
Rebecca tried her rock climbing skills.
The girls played in the big barn and we watched a 3D movie. By then
it  was raining pretty hard, so we headed home for the day.
It was a good weekend and looking forward to our summer!!

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