Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good-bye Fourth Grade and Hello Summer!!

We made it through the last week of 4th grade! Rachel had a day with games, movies and time with her friends.  To celebrate the end of school, Rachel wanted to go out for pizza.
The next day, we went to a pool party at my friend's house, but didn't bring along my camera or phone, so no pictures. Friday night we went to a graduation party and then on Saturday, I spent the day shopping and doing errands. I came home and the girls were having a water fight.
Memorial Day, I ran the 5K that our little town has each year. This year, my friend Tonia, ran her very first race ever. I managed to come in fourth place for my age group :)
                                                                     Tonia, Mary and me
                            After the race, we all sat together and watched the parade go by.
       We came home and got ready for a few of our friends that were coming over for a BBQ.
Rachel and Michael.
Their birthdays are a few weeks apart. And they are at the age where they play together one minute and then are hurtful to each other the next. Mixed emotions-- fun times :)
Daniella, Rachel and Michael
Chantell and Rebecca
Patria and Susana
There was a lot of laughing going on.
We bought a flag pole, so we could fly Rachel's flag for the weekend.
Grateful for all the men and women that have served in our military


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Final Days of Fourth Grade

Rachel is in the last week of fourth grade! I can't believe how quickly the school year has gone by. I am grateful for the wonderful teachers and friends she has had this year. The school is packing in a lot of activities into the final week.....
Rachel and Daniella
On Saturday I took the girls to a carnival Rachel's school was hosting. I thought this game looked fun, but it was only for the kids.
On Monday, all the fourth graders got to go on "the fancy bus" and went on a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Rachel took along my little camera and these are her pictures.
Tuesday was field day. Rebecca and I went for awhile.
Rachel has been clearing out her desk and bringing home all sorts of odds and ends. Yesterday, she brought home a flag. Earlier this year she was chosen to be on Flag patrol each day for a couple of months. The school gave her a flag as a memento.
Today was an ice cream party in her classroom. I helped the room mom with the party, and Rebecca was happy to spend time with Rachel and her friends.
Mrs. Corriveau and Rachel.
Proud of Rachel and all the hard work she has done in the 4th grade!

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Last week was Rebecca's last week in preschool. I am usually not too sentimental, but the last few weeks I have been a little teary eyed. I just can't believe that Rebecca is five years old and is going to kindergarten in the fall. I always hear " the days may be long, but the years are short" and it is true.
1st day of preschool 2013
I took Rebecca to school on Wednesday and a hour later, they called and said she was sick. She was shaking, had the chills, a fever and looked bad. I took her to the doctor and she tested negative for strep. She did throw up a few times and was so tired.  She and I were both concerned, because Thursday was her last day of school, a fun picnic was planned and preschool graduation that night.
 Plus it was also kindergarten  kamp at the elementary school and she wanted to go. I was praying she would perk up and feel better.
I decided to take her to Kindergarten Kamp and she did alright. She was able to go with Mrs.Trumball, a kindergarten teacher and see a classroom, have snack and then we rode the school bus to a nearby neighborhood. Her spirits were low, so we skipped the preschool picnic and went home to rest.

                             She was feeling a little  better by evening, so we went to graduation.
                                                            Her teachers-Ms. Stacy and Ms. Amy
                                                                Her BFF this year- Reynolds
                                                On stage with Mr. Duke and Ms. Beth for her diploma
After the ceremony, we had a social hour time  with cookies and juice. Rebecca said her goodbyes and it was time to go. We took a few more pictures and headed home.
Rebecca's official graduation picture!
We are beyond thankful and blessed to have sent Rebecca to Hebron preschool the past few years.
The teachers and staff have taught her so much, helped her, she made the sweetest friends, she felt loved, safe and secure. And most importantly, they made sure she knows--Jesus loves her!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Photos from my Phone Friday

We are in the home stretch for the last days of school for Rachel. Only five more days!!! Rachel is so ready for school to be over and to sleep in. Her teachers are filling the last days with projects and lots of fun activities.
Field day has started at  Rachel's school. She was chosen to be a "student helper" for the kindergarten and first graders. She was so excited to help and said it was a really fun day.
Rachel had to do a report on an important historical person. She was assigned Marie Currie.
They gave a short speech and were supposed to dress up--this is what we came up with.
Rebecca took this one :)
There was also George Washington and Chief Joseph.
We have lots of strawberry plants, but no strawberries. Lola eats them all before I can pick them.
Rachel and I went to a glow-in-the-dark birthday party.
Our good friends, Naomi and Delrika invited us out for dinner and to go see a show at The Fox Theater. We had never been to the Fox, so I was excited to go. The show was not the best, but gave us lots to talk about and it was fun to spend time with our friends.
Rebecca's last morning in the preschool carpool line.
I made a trip to the ladies room when I was at The Georgia Club for the MOMS Club luncheon. And the entire bathroom had this wallpaper. I realized it had deer in it and had to take a picture.
Saw this quote on the blog Mix and Match Mama this week.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Pink Airplanes

Rebecca played soccer again this spring and last game of  the season was this past Saturday. The girls voted on the team name and "The Pink Airplanes" won !  Rebecca had two wonderful and very patient coaches and her teammates were all sweet girls. I think she had fun and did improve her soccer skills.
                                                                       The Fours
                                                                    Coach Gwin.
                                      All bundle up! There were some cold nights of practices.
                                                                   Rebecca and Taylor

They celebrated the end of the season with cupcakes and each girl got the cutest trophy.