Friday, May 16, 2014

Photos from my Phone Friday

We are in the home stretch for the last days of school for Rachel. Only five more days!!! Rachel is so ready for school to be over and to sleep in. Her teachers are filling the last days with projects and lots of fun activities.
Field day has started at  Rachel's school. She was chosen to be a "student helper" for the kindergarten and first graders. She was so excited to help and said it was a really fun day.
Rachel had to do a report on an important historical person. She was assigned Marie Currie.
They gave a short speech and were supposed to dress up--this is what we came up with.
Rebecca took this one :)
There was also George Washington and Chief Joseph.
We have lots of strawberry plants, but no strawberries. Lola eats them all before I can pick them.
Rachel and I went to a glow-in-the-dark birthday party.
Our good friends, Naomi and Delrika invited us out for dinner and to go see a show at The Fox Theater. We had never been to the Fox, so I was excited to go. The show was not the best, but gave us lots to talk about and it was fun to spend time with our friends.
Rebecca's last morning in the preschool carpool line.
I made a trip to the ladies room when I was at The Georgia Club for the MOMS Club luncheon. And the entire bathroom had this wallpaper. I realized it had deer in it and had to take a picture.
Saw this quote on the blog Mix and Match Mama this week.

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