Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Getting Into The Spirit

We took a trip to Stone Mountain on Saturday to take a look at the Christmas lights and enjoy the holiday activities.
                       We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain to take a look around.

                                                    Loved all these snowflakes- so pretty!
                 We watched the parade, a 4D movie, ate dinner, and saw a singing show
                                                                     Mrs. Claus and Rebecca!
                       Mrs. Santa Claus was so nice and just the sweetest lady ever. I loved her!!
                                                           Time for Smores!
We stayed until the end, because we had to see the Christmas angel fly over and watch the snowfall and fireworks.
                                                          Beautiful night at Stone Mountain!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Before I Forget

November is moving right along and I know it will soon be December, so I wanted to post a few pictures I had on my phone from way back in October, to remember what was happening..........

                                                                Raphael had a birthday!!
We have sponsored a girl through Compassion for a couple of years now. We write her letters, send pictures, pray for her and she writes back when she can.  Compassion travels around the USA and stops at churches to share about the ministry.
I signed us up to go and walk through the trailer. Everyone gets headphones and an ipod to listen to a sponsor child's story-- how they live and how God thorough the people at Compassion International has changed their life.
       It was a real eye opener, especially for the girls. To see how people live in third world countries.
                 We all went to Atlanta to participate in a walk to raise money for cancer research.
Rebecca went to a glow-in-the-dark birthday party for her friend Brianna. 
These girls had a lot of fun-- roller skating, games, jungle gym and food!!
Pretty leaves.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a good and busy Halloween day this year.  First, we were off to an early soccer game for Rebecca.  She played goalie for awhile this time and did a pretty good job at protecting the goal.
While Rebecca was at soccer, Rachel headed to tennis academy for a few hours and then both the girls were home and we just did stuff around the house and waited to get ready for trick-or-treating.
We went with a theme this year-- Alice in Wonderland. I found the dress for Rebecca at a consignment store and we decided to go along with the idea. Rachel was the Cheshire cat.
All of us together--- Alice, the Cat, and the King and Queen of Hearts.  Raphael and I haven't dressed up in years for Halloween and it was fun.
       Poor Lola. She was not happy with being a pink zebra.  She sure is a good sport each year!
                        Nana and Papa came by to see the girls and hang out with us for awhile.
 The Queen scooping up dog poop from the yard.  Pretty sure  a real queen doesn't have to do this!
    Off they go! I stayed home to hand out candy. I love seeing all kids dressed up. I watched some of the World Series, ate candy and waited for the girls to get back home.  They went trick-or-treating with Daniella, but I didn't get any pictures.
Then we went to our friend's house for a party. Here is myself and Susana.
It was a fun party and we did some party games and ate a lot of food. We made it home just after midnight and fell into bed. A fun night for sure.