Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sale and The Hawks

This weekend wore me out! We managed to pack a lot of activity into two short days.

First, on Saturday, we had our first ever garage sale! And we did pretty well and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Thankfully the rainy weather stayed away and all sorts of people came to the sale. Garage sales make for some good people watching :)
We closed up the shop and cleared out the garage quick. Then we drove to Atlanta to go see
the Atlanta Hawks basketball team play the Celtics.  We have lived here seven years, and
this was the first game the girls and I have been to. I like basketball and  thanks to Raphael's
job we had free tickets and in the company's suite!
Michael and Rachel
We took our friend, Mike and his son Michael with us. The kids were excited and they had a great
time. Rebecca told me several times, "this is so much fun"!
Rebecca watched the game closely and noticed many little details.
She loved the cheerleaders and told me she wants to be one when she grows up!
It was a close game and the Hawks were ahead, but manage to lose in the last few minutes.
We drove by the big wheel in downtown.
This is a horrible camera phone pic as we were passing by. It did look pretty all lit up.
We didn't get home and to bed until after eleven. It was a long, but fun day.
Today I was up early to run and it was FREEZING- like 31 degrees.
I dressed warm and felt alright, except my nose. It was cold the entire time.
We went to church and then I took the girls to choir and made quick trip to the
grocery store.
The girls are both out of school for the week in honor of Thanksgiving.
I am hoping for some nice relaxing days around the house.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Photos from my Phone Friday

                                             Another week has come and gone.
                   A few of our pictures of what we have been up to around here.
Rebecca and Rebecca.
We went to a birthday party for a friend also named Rebecca.
The party was a Chuck E Cheese and the girls had so much fun!
The girls playing nicely together.
I thought I should document this because not sure when it will happen again.
My Sunday run.
I frequently run from our house to the mall and the route takes me past this house.
It sits on several acres and they always decorate crazy for Christmas time.
Rebecca had not been feeling well for a few weeks.
 Over the weekend, she got worse over. I took her to the doctor and she had a sinus infection.
The doctor's office is nearby a donut store, so we usually stop in for a donut treat.
Our neighbor is helping us to finish our basement.
He has been hanging drywall and mudding the walls.
It has forced us to do some serious cleaning out of the basement.
And this is all going to our first garage sale this Saturday.
While I was sorting through garage sale items, Rebecca was entertaining herself.
I am so thankful she is at an age where she doesn't need constant supervision.
She is growing up fast and is always making us laugh.
I have to get back to garage sale work.
Happy Friday!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Photos From My Phone Friday

I am so thankful it is finally Friday. This has been the loooooongest week and I am not sure why?
My phone is still not sending pictures to my computer like it should, but I found an app that lets me transfer pictures from my phone, so for now it will do.

Miss Lola
Last week, Lola got into the pantry and knocked down a box of cookies. She ate most of the cookies and got really, really sick. So Wednesday I took in her to the vet. They had to do blood work, start and IV and give her two medications. She had to spend the night and we had to spend a small fortune! She is all better now and I am keeping the pantry door closed!!
The girls put on a puppet show for me.
Church on Sunday.
 It is tricky to take a decent picture with the crazy lighting and we sit in almost the back row. But love the music we sing each Sunday.
Our little town is getting into the Christmas spirit already.
They were hanging these wreaths outside of Publix the other day.
Holiday red cups from Starbucks.
I went grocery shopping at Kroger and there is a Starbucks inside. It has been cold here this week- like in the twenties in the morning, so I ordered a hot chocolate to warm me up.
Rachel's school had a fundraiser at a pizza place the other night.
We ate and then played some games. Rebecca won the jackpot on a game and ended up with over a hundred tickets! She was so proud.
Rachel was chosen with another classmate to raise the flag each morning
before school starts. And she has been thrilled about it. This morning, I had to take the
dog in a for a bath, so I decided to stop by school and snap a picture of
Rachel in action.
That's it. Happy Friday!!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Sparkly Dragons

                          This morning we went to Rebecca's last soccer game of the season. 
Rebecca had a fun time playing soccer and today she scored a goal, so she ended the season on a positive note! She has improved quite a bit since she started in September.
Today the other team had the most enthusiastic coach. She was fun to watch and she really encourage all the girls on both teams. I snapped a few pictures of her.
At the end of each game, the girls all shake hands and then run through a tunnel made by the parents.
And each team does a little cheer.
Go, Sparkly Dragons!!!
Sister love :)
I think Rachel is smiling because soccer season is over and she can sleep in on Saturday mornings now. I am happy about that too.
After the game, the girls had a party to celebrate.
 The team mom got the cutest soccer cupcakes and sparkly pink trophies.
Loves her trophy!
One of the moms made hair bows for the girls to wear for the last game.
A fun balloon fight.
Coach Ian and Rebecca.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

We started our Halloween with a parade and a party at Rebecca's preschool. The kids were supposed to dress up like their favorite character from a book. Rebecca decided to go with Fancy Nancy.
                                      I am not sure where she came up with this pose??
                                                                             The parade at school.
                  After dinner, we met up with Daniella and her family to go trick or treating together.
                                                                   The whole gang making the rounds.
Raphael met up with us later and brought along Lola. He bought her a costume at Target a few weeks ago and she looked pretty cute in it. And she loved being out with the family for trick or treating.
                                                                                    The girls.
I saw this shirt at Macys and had to buy it.
And lastly, I saw this picture on Pinterest yesterday and it made me laugh because it is so true.