Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Sparkly Dragons

                          This morning we went to Rebecca's last soccer game of the season. 
Rebecca had a fun time playing soccer and today she scored a goal, so she ended the season on a positive note! She has improved quite a bit since she started in September.
Today the other team had the most enthusiastic coach. She was fun to watch and she really encourage all the girls on both teams. I snapped a few pictures of her.
At the end of each game, the girls all shake hands and then run through a tunnel made by the parents.
And each team does a little cheer.
Go, Sparkly Dragons!!!
Sister love :)
I think Rachel is smiling because soccer season is over and she can sleep in on Saturday mornings now. I am happy about that too.
After the game, the girls had a party to celebrate.
 The team mom got the cutest soccer cupcakes and sparkly pink trophies.
Loves her trophy!
One of the moms made hair bows for the girls to wear for the last game.
A fun balloon fight.
Coach Ian and Rebecca.

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