Friday, November 15, 2013

Photos From My Phone Friday

I am so thankful it is finally Friday. This has been the loooooongest week and I am not sure why?
My phone is still not sending pictures to my computer like it should, but I found an app that lets me transfer pictures from my phone, so for now it will do.

Miss Lola
Last week, Lola got into the pantry and knocked down a box of cookies. She ate most of the cookies and got really, really sick. So Wednesday I took in her to the vet. They had to do blood work, start and IV and give her two medications. She had to spend the night and we had to spend a small fortune! She is all better now and I am keeping the pantry door closed!!
The girls put on a puppet show for me.
Church on Sunday.
 It is tricky to take a decent picture with the crazy lighting and we sit in almost the back row. But love the music we sing each Sunday.
Our little town is getting into the Christmas spirit already.
They were hanging these wreaths outside of Publix the other day.
Holiday red cups from Starbucks.
I went grocery shopping at Kroger and there is a Starbucks inside. It has been cold here this week- like in the twenties in the morning, so I ordered a hot chocolate to warm me up.
Rachel's school had a fundraiser at a pizza place the other night.
We ate and then played some games. Rebecca won the jackpot on a game and ended up with over a hundred tickets! She was so proud.
Rachel was chosen with another classmate to raise the flag each morning
before school starts. And she has been thrilled about it. This morning, I had to take the
dog in a for a bath, so I decided to stop by school and snap a picture of
Rachel in action.
That's it. Happy Friday!!


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