Friday, August 28, 2015

Photos From my Phone Friday

Since I didn't blog for awhile, I have some major catching up to do......
We made a trip to the Apple store at the mall. Rachel and Adan both went home with ipad minis!
The girl that helped us was so nice and very patient :)
The girls and I took Abuela to the pottery painting place for a little "girl time". Each of the
girls painted a piggy bank and then made a little memento for Perla to take back to Panama.
                                     At the end of July, we have lived in Georgia for 9 years!!
Both of the girls had a teacher meet and greet before school started. It was chaotic as
usual, but fun to see friends and get excited for school starting back.
I still can't believe that Rachel is in middle school !! She was comparing schedules with
some of her friends. So far, so good with the new school. While we were at Rachel's school
it started to rain, thunder and lightening-- a lot! The power at school went out and we had
to run to the car. We got pretty wet, so I had to take a picture.
Legos have taken over our living room. It took me three hours to build
this barn for Rebecca, but she plays for hours, so it was worth it.
The girls have been bugging me to take them to The Golden Coral
for lunch, so I finally did. They loved it, especially the chocolate fountain!
Thank you Nana and Papa!!
I ran a little 5k with some friends and I came in 2nd for my age group!
So I stayed and received my fancy trophy, because I don't think I will get one again .............
On the American Idol Coca-Cola couch. 
Rebecca and I  had never been to the Coca-Cola museum, so one day after 
church we toured it. Very interesting and glad we went.
The girls with their Daddy.

That is it for today. Thankful it is Friday!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School 2015

I know that the girls are in their third week of school and I am finally getting this posted.  It is 
not my fault :)   We upgraded to Windows 10 and Blogger doesn't like the upgrade. So, we needed
to install a different browser, and life was busy. Raphael installed it for me last night and now
I can blog again.

Before the obligatory "back to school" pictures, I have to say that I took the girls 
for haircuts before school started. We switched to a new stylist and she wanted
to try something different with the girls.
Miss Nikki with Rebecca
Nikki asked the girls if she could straighten their hair and of course they said yes!!
It took three hours, but they were excited for the end result.

By the next day, Rebecca's hair was starting to curl again. Rachel really wanted straight
hair for the first day of school, so she wore a shower cap for a few days to help.

Finally, the first day of school........
Rebecca was the first to go to the bus. Off to 1st grade!!
She was excited to be back to school and I pray it's a good year.

Rachel's bus leaves an hour after Rebecca's bus, so I went home and woke
Rachel up for school.
6th grade!! First year of middle school.
She was a mixture of excited and nervous.
(and so was I).
Raphael walked her to the bus stop and she was off!

I went to the gym and had lunch with a few of my friends. 
Both the girls were full of stories when they got home.
So far, they both seem to be adjusting well and we have high hopes,

Monday, August 3, 2015

Seagrove 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we made a visit to Seagrove Florida for the week.
We spent lots of time at the beach and did some fun activities too.
The street we stayed on, Cinnamon Lane :)
Our home for the week #40.
Our first day at Seagrove, we met with a nice man, Mark-- and he
taught us the "right" way to build sandcastles.
We spent a couple of hours with him and learned a lot of tricks to make
a good sandcastle.
Our finished castles!!
We drove to Seaside and checked out this beautiful town. They have a bunch
of airstream trailers set up and they sell all sorts of good food. I had a delicious grilled
cheese sandwich.
Everywhere we went , we saw bikes. Lots of people riding bikes.
We spent the day at Rosemary beach. This is the gorgeous hotel,
The Pearl. And more bikes ;)
We went back to Shipwreck Island waterpark in Panama City.
We went there last year, and the girls loved it.
We drove to Destin to look around, visited a family entertainment place,
 and we saw The Minion Movie.
At Wilkins ice cream shop
We spent a morning at Watercolor Resort and learned to paddleboard.
Our neighborhood had a pool, so we had to go and swim there too.
More sandcastle building!
A storm rolling in on our last day-- time to go!
Another fun week at the beach!