Monday, August 3, 2015

Seagrove 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we made a visit to Seagrove Florida for the week.
We spent lots of time at the beach and did some fun activities too.
The street we stayed on, Cinnamon Lane :)
Our home for the week #40.
Our first day at Seagrove, we met with a nice man, Mark-- and he
taught us the "right" way to build sandcastles.
We spent a couple of hours with him and learned a lot of tricks to make
a good sandcastle.
Our finished castles!!
We drove to Seaside and checked out this beautiful town. They have a bunch
of airstream trailers set up and they sell all sorts of good food. I had a delicious grilled
cheese sandwich.
Everywhere we went , we saw bikes. Lots of people riding bikes.
We spent the day at Rosemary beach. This is the gorgeous hotel,
The Pearl. And more bikes ;)
We went back to Shipwreck Island waterpark in Panama City.
We went there last year, and the girls loved it.
We drove to Destin to look around, visited a family entertainment place,
 and we saw The Minion Movie.
At Wilkins ice cream shop
We spent a morning at Watercolor Resort and learned to paddleboard.
Our neighborhood had a pool, so we had to go and swim there too.
More sandcastle building!
A storm rolling in on our last day-- time to go!
Another fun week at the beach!


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