Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun Day

I think Rebecca had a wonderful birthday! I had some balloons and the birthday banner up for her this morning. We went to Bible study at church and then to the mall for a little Chick-Fil-A lunch and her first ride on the carousel. We had dinner, birthday cake and opened her gifts. She was given alot of great presents this birthday.

lunch at the mall- she wanted to sit on a chair & did great

Her favorite new gift

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Today Rebecca is two years old!  How did that happen?! Just a few things I want to remember about Rebecca at two:

~ LOVES Dora the Explorer
~adores her big sister and is so happy when they play together
~ can count to five all by herself !

~has a pink "lovey" for naps and bedtime
~will eat just about anything
~ is usually the first one at the table and the last one to finish
~is Daddy's girl

~favorite thing to play with is a baby doll
~likes to help cook and clean
~ wants to wash her hands a hundred times a day
~has two nicknames "mama" & "gordita"

~ loves to play in her sister's room when Rachel is at school
~says " I do it Mama" all day long
~ does not like to ride in the stroller
~ is a little snuggle bug

~ Rebecca we love you and thank God for all the joy and fun you have brought to our family!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Time

      A few more pictures from Rebecca's birthday party! We invited her playgroup and a few other friends we have known for a long time. I have finally figured out that for parties "less is more!"

bubble time!

Miss Gigi


Scout pulling Catie- strong little guy.

Parachute time.

Sweet Isabella

I made cupcakes and bought Dora cupcake toppers from Etsy.

And that was the party.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What A Weekend!

We have had a very busy, but very fun-filled past few days. Warning: LOTS of pictures in this post!

 First, Friday morning I went to Rachel's school to see her get an award for good grades.  She had another great report card and we are so proud of her!

Then Friday night Rachel and I went to the school nearby for a spring carnival.  Rachel had lots of fun and ate tons of candy.

Fun with Twister

This made me laugh- teachers took turns getting pies thrown at them!

And towards the end of the night we ran into Rachel's very first friend in Georgia- Kia. Rachel and Kia have been friends since they were two years old and in Spanish preschool together. 

I pray these two girls will always be friends!


Saturday we had three birthday parties to attend! First party was for Gigi and Gabby. We had great time and wish we could have stayed longer, but needed to get home for a quick nap.

Rebecca's first try at the pinata!

Rachel and the birthday girl- Gigi.

Raphael dropped Rachel off at her friend Catie's for her 6th birthday party and I headed over to Gymboree with Rebecca for her party.

I decided to have the party at Gymboree because Rebecca takes classes there and loves it. Plus at her age it is so hard to keep a bunch of two year olds entertained at home. I think all her friends had a good time.

She loves Dora, so I ordered this shirt from Etsy for her party outfit.

It was a great party and we are so grateful to our friends for celebrating Rebecca's birthday with us! We all went home very tired and ready for bed!

We took a ton of pictures, so I need to sort through them and will post a few more from her party in a few days.


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Much

There's not much going on around here this week. I guess that is a good thing.  I think we are trying to rest up for super-duper busy weekend.  Right now Rebecca is napping and  I am baking cupcakes for her birthday party on Saturday! Can't believe she is almost two years old!

Lately, Rebecca has decided she doesn't want to wear any clothes and does her best to get undressed.

I was going through my camera and found these pictures of the girls.

Cowboy night at AWANA a few weeks ago.

At the park.

Ok. That is all I have.                                                                      

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Nature Center

We had a good weekend- the girls and I went to a nearbyish nature center on Saturday.  Raphael was studying and doing projects for work and he needed a little peace & quiet. 
The nature center had lots of inside exhibits that were interesting, but with a toddler, we went through them pretty quickly.  Rebecca kept trying to run away and had a fit when I put her in the stroller- fun times!

It's never too early to start learning about astronomy!

We walked on a trail outside. Rebecca is obessed with picking up rocks, pinestraw, leaves and carrying it all with her. Then finds a spot and drops it all.

On the way, we were at a stoplight and the grass next to us was a big field of daffodils- beautiful!

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