Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today Rebecca is two years old!  How did that happen?! Just a few things I want to remember about Rebecca at two:

~ LOVES Dora the Explorer
~adores her big sister and is so happy when they play together
~ can count to five all by herself !

~has a pink "lovey" for naps and bedtime
~will eat just about anything
~ is usually the first one at the table and the last one to finish
~is Daddy's girl

~favorite thing to play with is a baby doll
~likes to help cook and clean
~ wants to wash her hands a hundred times a day
~has two nicknames "mama" & "gordita"

~ loves to play in her sister's room when Rachel is at school
~says " I do it Mama" all day long
~ does not like to ride in the stroller
~ is a little snuggle bug

~ Rebecca we love you and thank God for all the joy and fun you have brought to our family!

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  1. I can't believe she's TWO!!! I love that she loves to help cook and clean and play with her babies! She's sooo girly!!!