Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Dance and Etc......

Last Friday night was the spring dance at Rachel's school. It had a Hawaiian theme, so I found a few accessories for the girls to wear.
                                                                           Daniella and Rachel
The girls had a fun time, but the dance was not too organized and there wasn't much dancing going on. Mostly kids running and chasing and eating snacks. I think next year we will skip the dance.

Saturday was a bit rainy and gloomy. The girls were scheduled for hair cuts and Rebecca had soccer, but both events got cancelled. We stayed home and did a little spring cleaning and managed to get rid of a lot of toys!

              Saturday night Raphael and I went for dinner and to see the new Tom Cruise movie.
Sunday morning has turned into the time for me to do my "long run" of the week, This week I had to do ten miles. I was a bit nervous about the weather because rain and thunderstorms were predicted all weekend. I managed to do most of my run before it started raining.

The park was full of animals- I saw several rabbits, squirrels,ducks and geese and lots of chipmunks. I took a picture of a cute little lizard and there are many trees and shrubs blooming right now. I think the wisteria is so pretty.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Fin de Semana- that's Spanish for "weekend"

I know it is Monday afternoon, but I wanted to put on a few pictures from the weekend.

On Friday night I went with a few of my MOMS club friends for dinner and karoake. I had never been to a karaoke night before and it was pretty entertaining. I did not sing, but my friends did.
I didn't stay too late because I had to be up early Saturday morning for a running race in Athens. I ran a Chickfila race in March and there was some confusion about the course and distance for the 10K.
So they refunded my money and gave me a pass to run a race in Athens for free and I decided to give it a try.
                                                   Me and a Chickfila cow after the race.
 I did alright and managed to finish in under an hour-my time was 59 minutes and 53 seconds! The race had a great atmosphere and since it is in a college town, there were a ton of college kids.

Later in the afternoon we went to Rebecca's soccer practice. This week the coaches put the girls on teams and let them play a game. The girls did better than I expected and it was cute to watch them.
Telling her coach something very important, I am sure! God bless the coaches. I don't know how they handle so many little people and keep their patience. I am thankful for them.
                   After soccer we played at the park for awhile. Rachel had her friend Daniella come along.

Sunday morning I went to the park for a run. I am training for a half marathon in June and my training schedule said to run 12 miles. I figured if I could run 12 then I could do one more mile and I managed to run 13.1 miles! It took me two hours and I am a slow runner for sure, but it felt good to know I can actually run that far.

                                          As I was leaving the park, four deer walked across the path in front of me.

     We decided to skip church and take the girls to the Atlanta zoo since it was a beautiful spring day.

Rachel climbed the rock wall and made it all the way to the top this time! We also rode the train and the merry-go-round,played at two playgrounds and managed to see an animal or two while we were there.

                                                                            A new baby gorilla at the zoo.
 Blogger won't let me post any more pictures, which is probably a good thing! So I will quit here. A good weekend for us!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring break 2013

Today was the last day of spring break and our break didn't quite go as I had hoped. Rebecca and I both ended up really sick and we spent more time at home than I would have liked, but that is the way it goes.

We did get out a few times and spent time with our friends- a few pictures to share.
Rachel and I went to a birthday party for Gigi and Gabby.
Rebecca had to go to the doctor twice and had her finger poked.
I made a big tent for the girls and they played for hours!
We went to lunch at the local aiport and watched the planes for awhile. A man flew in for lunch and let the girls climb up and check out his plane.
                Park day with friends!
Catie, Isabella and Rebecca
Sierra and Rebecca spent quality time together.
It was nice to have a break from school, but I am ready for the girls to go back for a few more weeks.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gibbs Garden

I am super slow to post these pictures, but wanted to share them before I totally forget. About a month ago the girls and I took a trip to Gibbs Gardens. The Gardens are owned by Mr. Gibbs and he officially opened them to the public last spring. I wanted to go while the daffodils were in bloom.
It was a beautiful and perfect spring day and there were many visitors that day and millions of flowers in bloom.

 The girls weren't too thrilled with all the walking we did, but they had fun running on all the paths and trying to pick daffodils.

                                                       It was so pretty and amazing to see all those flowers.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We started our Easter looking for eggs around the house and the girls eating lots of candy from their three Easter baskets!
 Rebecca woke up not feeling well. She managed to find some eggs, but her spirit wasn't really into it.
We went to church and then home to get Easter dinner ready. We took a couple of quick pictures and waited for our friends to arrive for dinner.

                                            Rachel was happy because Daniella came over to play.
We had a nice time talking with our friends and the girls ran around playing. Of course, there was some sister drama- Rebecca really wants to be with Rachel and her friends and that can cause some stress!
A nice Easter weekend.

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