Monday, April 22, 2013

Fin de Semana- that's Spanish for "weekend"

I know it is Monday afternoon, but I wanted to put on a few pictures from the weekend.

On Friday night I went with a few of my MOMS club friends for dinner and karoake. I had never been to a karaoke night before and it was pretty entertaining. I did not sing, but my friends did.
I didn't stay too late because I had to be up early Saturday morning for a running race in Athens. I ran a Chickfila race in March and there was some confusion about the course and distance for the 10K.
So they refunded my money and gave me a pass to run a race in Athens for free and I decided to give it a try.
                                                   Me and a Chickfila cow after the race.
 I did alright and managed to finish in under an hour-my time was 59 minutes and 53 seconds! The race had a great atmosphere and since it is in a college town, there were a ton of college kids.

Later in the afternoon we went to Rebecca's soccer practice. This week the coaches put the girls on teams and let them play a game. The girls did better than I expected and it was cute to watch them.
Telling her coach something very important, I am sure! God bless the coaches. I don't know how they handle so many little people and keep their patience. I am thankful for them.
                   After soccer we played at the park for awhile. Rachel had her friend Daniella come along.

Sunday morning I went to the park for a run. I am training for a half marathon in June and my training schedule said to run 12 miles. I figured if I could run 12 then I could do one more mile and I managed to run 13.1 miles! It took me two hours and I am a slow runner for sure, but it felt good to know I can actually run that far.

                                          As I was leaving the park, four deer walked across the path in front of me.

     We decided to skip church and take the girls to the Atlanta zoo since it was a beautiful spring day.

Rachel climbed the rock wall and made it all the way to the top this time! We also rode the train and the merry-go-round,played at two playgrounds and managed to see an animal or two while we were there.

                                                                            A new baby gorilla at the zoo.
 Blogger won't let me post any more pictures, which is probably a good thing! So I will quit here. A good weekend for us!

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