Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Dance and Etc......

Last Friday night was the spring dance at Rachel's school. It had a Hawaiian theme, so I found a few accessories for the girls to wear.
                                                                           Daniella and Rachel
The girls had a fun time, but the dance was not too organized and there wasn't much dancing going on. Mostly kids running and chasing and eating snacks. I think next year we will skip the dance.

Saturday was a bit rainy and gloomy. The girls were scheduled for hair cuts and Rebecca had soccer, but both events got cancelled. We stayed home and did a little spring cleaning and managed to get rid of a lot of toys!

              Saturday night Raphael and I went for dinner and to see the new Tom Cruise movie.
Sunday morning has turned into the time for me to do my "long run" of the week, This week I had to do ten miles. I was a bit nervous about the weather because rain and thunderstorms were predicted all weekend. I managed to do most of my run before it started raining.

The park was full of animals- I saw several rabbits, squirrels,ducks and geese and lots of chipmunks. I took a picture of a cute little lizard and there are many trees and shrubs blooming right now. I think the wisteria is so pretty.

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