Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Sale and The Hawks

This weekend wore me out! We managed to pack a lot of activity into two short days.

First, on Saturday, we had our first ever garage sale! And we did pretty well and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Thankfully the rainy weather stayed away and all sorts of people came to the sale. Garage sales make for some good people watching :)
We closed up the shop and cleared out the garage quick. Then we drove to Atlanta to go see
the Atlanta Hawks basketball team play the Celtics.  We have lived here seven years, and
this was the first game the girls and I have been to. I like basketball and  thanks to Raphael's
job we had free tickets and in the company's suite!
Michael and Rachel
We took our friend, Mike and his son Michael with us. The kids were excited and they had a great
time. Rebecca told me several times, "this is so much fun"!
Rebecca watched the game closely and noticed many little details.
She loved the cheerleaders and told me she wants to be one when she grows up!
It was a close game and the Hawks were ahead, but manage to lose in the last few minutes.
We drove by the big wheel in downtown.
This is a horrible camera phone pic as we were passing by. It did look pretty all lit up.
We didn't get home and to bed until after eleven. It was a long, but fun day.
Today I was up early to run and it was FREEZING- like 31 degrees.
I dressed warm and felt alright, except my nose. It was cold the entire time.
We went to church and then I took the girls to choir and made quick trip to the
grocery store.
The girls are both out of school for the week in honor of Thanksgiving.
I am hoping for some nice relaxing days around the house.

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