Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I am way behind on blogging about our Thanksgiving, but I figure it is better late than never.

Thanksgiving started early for me. At 4;15 a.m. my alarm sounded and I got up to get ready to run the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon.  I got ready and went to pick up two friends that were also running the race.

                                                               Chelsea, Mary and me
                               Before the race and we were smiling and trying to keep warm.
We were so cold! It was unseasonably cold and my car said it was 25 degrees at race time.
My friend Mary is Jewish.
This year Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincided, so she ordered this shirt to remember the special day. Mary has lost over a hundred pounds and this was her first half marathon.
We ran under the Olympic rings.
There were some interesting runners out on the course.
A turkey being chased by a pilgrim.
I finished in 2:18.
Not my best time, but I will take it.
I waited for Mary and Chelsea to finish and then we hurried home.
I took a quick shower and started getting ready for our Thanksgiving dinner.
Thankful for these two girls!
Thankful for a wonderful husband!
Gigi, Rachel, Gabby and Rebecca
These girls are something else! They put on a dancing show for us.
Naomi and Delrika
This is the only picture I took and it was at the last minute.
So grateful for good friends!
Friday morning I got up and did a little black Friday shopping.
Always decorated so pretty.
Saturday the girls and I started to decorate the house for Christmas.
They helped me with the tree and we also put up trees in their rooms.
A good and blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

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