Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good-bye Fourth Grade and Hello Summer!!

We made it through the last week of 4th grade! Rachel had a day with games, movies and time with her friends.  To celebrate the end of school, Rachel wanted to go out for pizza.
The next day, we went to a pool party at my friend's house, but didn't bring along my camera or phone, so no pictures. Friday night we went to a graduation party and then on Saturday, I spent the day shopping and doing errands. I came home and the girls were having a water fight.
Memorial Day, I ran the 5K that our little town has each year. This year, my friend Tonia, ran her very first race ever. I managed to come in fourth place for my age group :)
                                                                     Tonia, Mary and me
                            After the race, we all sat together and watched the parade go by.
       We came home and got ready for a few of our friends that were coming over for a BBQ.
Rachel and Michael.
Their birthdays are a few weeks apart. And they are at the age where they play together one minute and then are hurtful to each other the next. Mixed emotions-- fun times :)
Daniella, Rachel and Michael
Chantell and Rebecca
Patria and Susana
There was a lot of laughing going on.
We bought a flag pole, so we could fly Rachel's flag for the weekend.
Grateful for all the men and women that have served in our military


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