Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Final Days of Fourth Grade

Rachel is in the last week of fourth grade! I can't believe how quickly the school year has gone by. I am grateful for the wonderful teachers and friends she has had this year. The school is packing in a lot of activities into the final week.....
Rachel and Daniella
On Saturday I took the girls to a carnival Rachel's school was hosting. I thought this game looked fun, but it was only for the kids.
On Monday, all the fourth graders got to go on "the fancy bus" and went on a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Rachel took along my little camera and these are her pictures.
Tuesday was field day. Rebecca and I went for awhile.
Rachel has been clearing out her desk and bringing home all sorts of odds and ends. Yesterday, she brought home a flag. Earlier this year she was chosen to be on Flag patrol each day for a couple of months. The school gave her a flag as a memento.
Today was an ice cream party in her classroom. I helped the room mom with the party, and Rebecca was happy to spend time with Rachel and her friends.
Mrs. Corriveau and Rachel.
Proud of Rachel and all the hard work she has done in the 4th grade!

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