Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer So Far

Our summer is zooming by and the girls have been out of school for a month already! It makes me sad, because summer time is my favorite time and I hate how fast it going.  We have been having fun and keeping busy..........
 Big news for Rebecca-- she finally lost her first tooth!! We were pulling into the church parking lot and it fell out. She was so excited. And the tooth fairy came to visit :)
                                              We have been spending lots of time at the pool.
I have been running early in the morning with my friends.
I signed up to run The Peachtree Road Race in July, so I have to
keep running this summer.
My little helper.
Rebecca has been in SonShine Camp. And while she is in camp
Rachel and I had some fun days just the two of us.
We got our nails done.
Watching Rachel at tennis camp.
We went to a family night at the park.
It's popsicle season.
We celebrated Father's Day.
These girls love their Daddy!!

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