Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness

I don't know about any of you, but I love it when March rolls around. I am not sure why, but most years in March I finally get myself together and do some serious spring cleaning. And I almost always paint a room or two in our house. And to keep me company- in the background I have the NCAA college basketball games on the TV.   I don't have a favorite team, but I usually cheer for the teams I feel like I "know"- because I have lived in that state or like their mascot.  I watched some great games with the WA Huskies and Georgia Tech - I was yelling and clapping. Rachel had to tell me to keep it down, I was waking her up-ha! 

I have started on my painting projects- the guest room bathroom. It was in serious need of some paint and a little sprucing up. Also hope to paint the dining room this week. And work on decorations for Rebecca's first birthday party. And make cupcakes and a little cake for her. And clean my house before my parents get here. And go grocery shopping. And remember to order the balloons. And, And, And, etc....Not exactly sure why I decided to paint this week- guess that I work better under pressure.

A few pictures of the girls for your viewing pleasure.

Our "movie" cupboard-guess she was looking for a certain
movie that she wanted to watch?

Miss Rebecca feeding her lunch to Lola

Picture of the pizza I made-from scratch! last night for dinner.
Soooooo good. Try it. It is from the The Pioneer Woman.

Rachel and her friend caught this little gecko in our backyard today.
We get lots of these when the weather is warm. Rachel really
wanted to keep him.

Setting our lizard friend free.

OK--off the watch some basketball! Happy weekend.
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  1. Yes what is is about March? We have been cleaning like crazy around here, I actually cleaned the baseboards Oh and if you need another team to cheer for, you can cheer for my team the WVU MOUNTAINEERS!! We just make it into the sweet 16!!! Hope you have a great your pictures, your girls are so beautiful!!

  2. My teams lost:(- was cheering for Gonzaga and Georgia Tech. Maybe next time. i will look for your team. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Don't you love Pioneer Woman? Her website is awesome. My mouth waters when I look at the pictures. I've only tried the flank steak recipe, it was fantastic.