Saturday, December 17, 2016

Life Lately

So, life lately has been good and busy. My phone decided to stop working, and I ended up having to get a new one, so my first picture I took with my phone was......

I just love books and those old fashioned library stools. I need one for our house.
Sometimes I think I should have been a librarian.
We have all our Christmas trees up. I love the trees and the lights.
Our Elf-on-the-Shelf named Jack, came back ! He has been keeping a close
eye on the girls. Rebecca has really been into the Elf this year. So cute.
We celebrated Amy's 20th birthday!!
At Rebecca's school the Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes were
in charge of Chapel for the month of December. They put on a short
version of the Christmas story and Rebecca was the narrator.
She had to read quite a lot and did so well. I am amazed at how far she
has come this school year. I thank God each day for her school and teachers.
Our church has a Christmas party and we saw Santa.

We are on the count down to Christmas vacation! The girls have three days left of
school and I am looking forward to family time and not having to pack school lunches!!

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