Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Cheer 2016

Our Christmas was good. We had a full house this year with Perla visiting, plus my parents and Amy.
Raphael and his Mom went to see A Christmas Carol.
We went to see The Christmas Canteen. It is a show in a little theater in
Lawrenceville. I have heard about for years and this year we finally went.
It was really good and funny. And the kids liked it too!
Coookies for Santa
Christmas Eve church service.

We opened gifts that were to and from my parents.
Cookies for Santa, carrots for reindeer and cheese for Santa mouse.
We watched Polar Express and all fell into bed.
Christmas morning!
The girls wasted no time playing with new Legos.
Face Time with my sister and her crew.
More Lego building.
Rebecca being the "teacher".
We played games and ate a lot of good food.
It was a warm 73  degrees on Christmas Day!
Christmas 2016!!

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