Friday, August 12, 2016

Fort De Soto and Florida Randomness

Our last day in Florida we had to go to the beach. It was rainy and nasty weather as
we were driving and I was a little worried, but it was sunny at the beach.
We went to Saint Petersburg area and spent the day at Fort De Soto Park.
It was another beautiful beach and not many people.
These two both ended up with cuts from seashells, so they were taking
it easy.
Low tide.
"No more pictures ! "
Heading back home. All good things must come to an end.

And just some random things about our trip.......
There were A LOT of geckos/lizards and the girls were always
trying to catch some.
I ran past this sign each morning.
I had the most beautiful views running along side the ocean.
Dunedin has a tradition of decorating the mailboxes.
I took a few pictures when I was out running.
The downtown area.
On Saturday morning we packed up and ate breakfast at my favorite
restaurant, Perkins, and then started the drive home.
I love Florida gas stations so much! They have a lot going on.
Only in Florida can you buy alligator heads and a candy bar :).
Florida was good to us! We miss it and we will be back !!

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