Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

                      Thursday afternoon, we took the girls to Busch Gardens Amusement Park.
We decided to start off with the newest ride at the park, The Cobra's Curse-- a rollercoaster. Rebecca was tall enough to ride so we all went.
I am not a big fan of rollercoasters. I tend to get motion sickness pretty easily. I sat with Rebecca on the ride. I had my eyes open for about the first minute, then shut them for the rest of the ride.
I took this picture of the rollercoaster from our table at lunch. It was crazy! We went backwards and
I prayed for it to stay on the tracks. Rebecca loved it!
After the rollercoaster, we went to lunch. We sat by a window and had a great view to the
safari exhibit. The giraffes were so pretty to watch.
After lunch, we went to a show that was kind of Cirqu de Soleil combined with ice skating.
It was good, but I was falling asleep from the Dramamine I had taken earlier.
We divided up for awhile. Rebecca and I went to find some rides that were
 more her size, while Rachel and Raphael rode more rollercoasters.
The Cheetah
I love the flamingos!
Rebecca and I slowly made our way through the park. We spent a lot of time looking at
different animal exhibits and in the children's area.

We stopped for pizza and there were the most beautiful all white peacocks.
I had never seen that before. Raphael and Rachel met up with us and we
wander over for the closing show and fireworks. We had a great day at the
amusement park!

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